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Introducing The 3net 3D Channel

In early 2010, Sony Corp. brokered a deal with the Discovery Channel and IMAX to plan the launch of a new 24 hour 3D TV channel. The plans were ambitious, with 3D content expected to include space, exploration, adventure and natural history programming. In February 2011 the new channel was launched under the brand name 3net, with the new partnership cementing its promise to deliver the largest library of 3D content possible. 3net joins the other 3D TV channels - n3D and ESPN 3D - to be the first channels to offer 3D content 24 hours a day. DirecTV of course are well experienced in delivering 3D content, and the combination looks sure to encourage further sales of 3D TVs to consumers looking to take advantage.

The first 3D programs aired in the US on Sunday February 13th at 8 PM ET on the DirecTV network, with the 3D TV premieres of Into The Deep,  China Revealed and Forgotten Planet. New 3D programmes are planned to be shown at 9pm ET every evening. The huge library of 3D content includes
natural history, documentary, action/adventure, travel, history,  lifestyle, cuisine, concerts, movies, and more.

Of the consortium, each party brings their own expertise. Discovery are particularly well experienced in launching TV channels as their HD offering was the first 24 hour dedicated HD channel when it started out in 2002. Discovery will be delivering much of the 3D content via its existing library. Sony is the only company to boast experience in virtually all of the 3D verticals, including movies, videos, and of course the 3D TVs themselves. IMAX has a lot of experience in the 3D movies industry with a range of titles already well known in the cinema industry. Together the 3net partnership brings together three of the leading lights of the media, entertainment, and technology industries that looks sure to deliver viewers with award winning 3D content for many years to come.

Already there are reports of considerable interest from advertisers looking to take advantage of 3D advertising opportunities, displaying the potential  of the 3net partnership even though the DirecTV audience is numbers less than 100,000 potential viewers. That 100,000 number being roughly the number of DirecTv's 19 million Customer who do already have a 3D TV set. 3net plan to run ads starting in April, and it'll be interesting to see exactly how the advertisers do take advantage. There is some early research which shows that 3D advertising is more effective than the traditional variety.

New 3net Programming & News

May 23 2100 - Throughout June this year 3net are planning to show the premieres of a wide range of 3D content all of which have been filmed in native 3D. The programmes cover a number of genres ranging from culture and adventure, through to entertainment and history. The schedule runs as follows with all programmes aited at 9pm US ET:

June 1 - AFRICAN WILD "Gannets"
June 2 - HIGH OCTANE "Ice Climbing vs. Sandrails"
June 3 - EXPERIENCE 3D "New York Ships"
June 4 - CHINA REVEALED "Dunhuang"
June 8 - FEEDING TIME "Penguins, Polar Bears, Lemurs and Rhinos"
June 9 - HIGH OCTANE "Surfing vs. Freerunning"
June 10 - EXPERIENCE 3D "Malibu"
June 10 - EXPERIENCE 3D "Road to Hana" (10p ET/PT)
June 11 - JEWELS OF THE WORLD "Fiorland"
June 15 - FEEDING TIME "Monkeys, Elephants, Otters and Grizzlies"
June 16 - HIGH OCTANE - "Street and Park Skateboarding vs. ATV and UTV"
June 17 - BUILDING THE BRAND "John Deere"
June 17 - EXPERIENCE 3D "Rock Climbing" (10p ET/PT)
June 18 - CHINA REVEALED "Harbin"
June 22 - AFRICAN WILD "Penguins"
June 23 - LIVE FIRE "Army NTC"
June 24 - EXPERIENCE 3D "Racecars" (10p ET/PT)
June 24 - BUILDING THE BRAND "Trek Bicycles"
June 25 - JEWELS OF THE WORLD "Santorini"
June 25 - JEWELS OF THE WORLD "Rome" (10p ET/PT)
June 26 - IN THE QUBE "Red, White and Blue"
June 30 - HIGH OCTANE "Inline Skate vs. Freestyle Motor Bikes"

May 16 2011 - 3net has today revealed the launch of partnerships with  XPAND 3D and Sony Electronics. This gives the operation strategic partnerships in the fields of 3D glasses via Xpand 3D and a multitude of electronics products via Sony Electronics, including 3D TVs and 3D Blu Ray players.

April 21 2011 - 3net will broadcast their new 3D show In The Qube for the irst time on April 24th. The show is all about 3D content - using interviews and trailers to go behind the scenes of upcoming movies plus reviews of the latest 3D hardware on the market.