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The video above gives a useful look at Lg's giant OLED 3D TV that was first announced at CES 2012. It has a truly fantastic display that is unbelievably thin and is currently the world's largest.

Introducing The Next Step In High Quality 3D Viewing - OLED 3D TV Technology

Technology continues its apparently inexorable advance. It seems that almost every day there are new developments and gadgets announced and brought to market. The technology surrounding TVs is no exception. Anyone who remembers grainy 405 televisions - and two analogue terrestrial channels only - has lived through a period that brought 625-line output, colour TV, LCD TVs, plasma TVs, HD television and a plethora of digital channels. It`s been quite a transformation.

The latest and, so it`s claimed, greatest `big thing` is OLED technology, and its promising a significant improvement in the quality of  3D imaging that 3D TVs deliver. OLED is an acronym for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. One might be tempted to believe that it`s similar to LED but technologically it's very different. LED displays require
an external source of light in order to operate whereas OLEDs emit their own light when they have a current passed through them. OLEDs have principally been used before for mobile phone displays but that looks likely to change in the near future.

OLED-display technology is claimed to be lightning quick in its responsiveness - up to 1,000 times as fast as an LCD according to LG - and quicker even than plasma technology. Another benefit is it`s also wafer thin. At the technology trade show CES 2012, LG had a 55-inch OLED TV - the 55EM960V - on view which was only 4mm in depth and weighed only 7.5kg. The predictions are that OLED 3D TVs will be produced that could be folded or rolled up.

OLED looks likely to be the technology that realistically brings a 3D viewing experience to the home, although for the near future it`s likely to only be in well-heeled homes as the TVs announced are expected to hit a low five-figure price tab. The OLED TVs at CES 2012 reportedly produced the best 3D performances to date, almost certainly helped by their fast response times and great clarity. LG`s 55EM960V passive-glasses display was less dim than previous LED and plasma offerings and notable for its superior brightness. Both it and Samsung`s offering - which hadn`t been allocated a model number - evidenced much reduced motion blur, probably also due to their fast response times.

To whet the appetite of the 3D-TV enthusiast further, Korean researchers have announced that they have developed a new OLED-based technology that doesn`t require appropriate glasses in order to get a 3D effect. Consumers await its inclusion in a working TV display with great anticipation.

For those for whom only the latest and best technology available will do, OLED 3D TVs will be a massive temptation when they finally hit the mainstream. The availability of greater sharpness, larger screens, higher colour definition and an effective 3D experience will be hard to resist. A search on the internet will certainly provide tempting deals galore when that happens. It`s also worth ensuring that the content being viewed is worthy of the quality of the display vehicle, so look for deals there too, with Sky voucher codes being one example worth investigating.