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3D Technology really seems to be taking off around the world, with 2010 seeing the release of new 3D movies, 3D TVs, 3D Blu Ray players, 3D games consoles and 3D games and DVDs. But another great revolutionary product to hit the market was the 3D Cameras released by a number of the major manufacturers.

In mid 2010, Fujifilm unveiled itís second-generation 3D cameras, offering 720p high definition video in 3D and letting you view 3D content without the need for those annoying glasses.

The Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 model, although very similar to many other 3D cameras, contained some important changes. The dual 10-megapixel sensor W3 can shoot 720p high definition 3D video through its pair of 3x optical zoom lenses and a new image processor with innovative shooting modes, not to mention the HDMI-out port for viewing 3D images and video on 3D TVís.

This feature in particular is a great new development, enabling you to view your stunning three dimensional, high definition photographs on a big screen designed specifically for this purpose. Your images will blow you and all your friends away, opening up a whole new world of imagery and memories to you.

Unlike itís predecessor (the W1), which often flickered during playback or had Ďsweet spotsí that you needed to locate to view the 3D content properly, the W3 is far brighter, less flickery and far more vivid in color and detail.

You can adjust the depth effects during playback, enhancing the 3D feel, and if youíre wanting to take a 2D image or video you can utilize the 2 lenses for this purpose.

So how does the 3D image capture actually work? Well, with 2 lenses manually capturing right and left images at separate times, you can create extremely realistic, eye popping depth effects, enhancing objects in the distance and creating an amazingly realistic effect - almost as if you could literally fall into the image.

Perhaps the best thing about this camera, unlike all its competitors, that earns it the title of Ďthe king of 3D stills camerasí is that it was designed specifically with 3D image capture in mind. Many single lens cameras offer 3D as an added bonus, unlike this dual lens 3D specific model. Itís also the only camera with a 3D screen, meaning you can see exactly how your picture looks and you donít have to wear glasses to do it! At $500, or £350, it isnít cheap, but after seeing your friends and family jump out of the screen at you, showing you your memories exactly as you saw them, you might just realize that the investment is worth it.

However, if youíre looking to save a little money the Olympus TG-810 could be a good option, and itís waterproof, meaning you can literally capture images anywhere in the world you may be. Olympus invented the waterproof, drop proof, freeze proof camera, and so you can be sure that any camera you buy from them will be robust and effective no matter where you are or what youíre doing - making it perfect for your travels or family holidays.

Although the Olympus TG-810 doesnít show you your images in 3D at the time, by shooting in 3D mode you can view your images on your 3D TV when you get home, and when you see the fish from your snorkeling trip as clearly as you did on your trip youíll be more than satisfied that the £270 you spent was worth it.