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Panasonic Best 3D TV Model
''My first ever review comes from my heart. I love this TV. LOVE IT! The 3D works amazingly, and as my provider, DirectTV gets more channels, I'm sure I will watch more''

The Best Of The Best - Feb 2011

Panasonic TC-P58VT25

''I have one of these, and I love it. In my opinion nothing comes close to the Panasonic 3D sets. It's awesome, and is clearly the best 3D TV on the market. Once you've completed the easy to follow initial set up procedure and made small changes to settings to suit your personal taste, you'll be presented with the most lifelike pictures on a TV that you've ever seen. My children were gobsmacked.

And then we tried 3D! Unbelievable. We jumped many times as objects seemed to fly out of the display and right into our room. It's a plasma TV so no matter where we moved we always got the full 3D effect, and the glasses were no problem.

In 2D, the Panasonic VT series sets are  fantastic, in 3D they're simply the best at this point in time. If you're in the market for a 3D HDTV, this is the one.''

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If you're considering whether to buy a 3D TV now or wait for further price drops, the questions you're most likely to be asking are either ' which one is the best 3D TV available on the market?' or 'which is the best price 3D TV I can get?'

And the answer is not straightforward. There's a lot to consider, with a wide of manufacturers models, display types, display sizes, and technologies to choose from. With the increase in the number of different 3D TVs available, determining which one is the best 3D TV currently available is going to be subjective to a point, and influenced by opinions from within the industry, the resellers, and from what you read on 3D TV review sites.

And determining which one is the best 3D TV for you personally is going to depend on a number of factors. Are you looking for the best plasma 3D TV? The best LCD 3D TV? Large screen or small screen? As fas as 3D TVs go, plasma is recognised to be the best for quality of 3D imaging, though developments in LCD and LED are pushing those gradually to the same quality level. Regarding size, bigger is generally best, simply because the immersive experience is increased with size of display.

Or are you already set on a type of display or screen size, and actually you're looking for the best Samsung 3D TV, or the best Panasonic, or the best Sony set - the flagship models of the major 3D TV manufacturers in fact. One great thing about the 3D TVs on the shelves now is that they're each manufacturers top of the range models. When you buy one, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a TV that gives the best possible quality 2D imaging as well as high quality 3D.

It doesn't stop there. You'll also need to understand the differences between the different technologies employed in delivering 3D images. The choice here is between  active shutter and passive 3D TV models and refers to the way the 3D glasses work with the sets. The new passive models, only just released in 2011, work using glasses  very similar to those you get at the cinema. So they're cheaper, lighter, and more comfortable than active shutter models. Glasses are not the only thing that makes a 3D TV though, so this doesn't automatically make every passive become the best 3D TV on the market. In fact, although they get good reviews from the technology websites, when you view a passive model side by side with an active one, then it's the active Tvs that win out in overall picture quality.

And what about 3D TV without glasses? The reality is that no glasses models are not yet widely available, aside from a couple of small display Toshiba models in Japan. When they are, it'll spark off a whole new debate on whether no glasses models are best, or the currently available 3D glasses models which fill the shelves of the electrical retailers.

Remember that one persons view of the best 3D TV might be based on price, and another on quality. The reality is that balance, as always, is the best approach. Most of us need to work within a budget for our purchases. Shopping around for the best price 3D TV is always going to be a good idea, with competition from different manufacturers and stores for our money it's possible to get some great bargains with adequate research.

Remember too that 3D image quality can vary depending on what 3D content you're most likely to be watching. The best 3D TV models will be able to maintain image quality whether you're playing 3D games, watching movies, or viewing fast paced sports action. Many models also display quality differences when you're using any inbuilt 2D to 3D conversion facilities. Different TVs may be better than others at one or more of these activities.

Here we'll try to get that balance right, and look for the best of the 3D TVs based on a balance of price and quality, while taking into account as many views as possible from the popular forums and review sites. All models listed have been rated the best in class or the best from each manufacturer at a specific point in the last year, with most if not all earning four and a half or five out of five buyer or review ratings.

Best Plasma 3D TVs - Panasonic VT Series

Panasonic TX-P65VT20
- As of December 2010 this 65 inch set was the biggest plasma Panasonic 3D TV available. The Panasonic Viera model delivers excellent performance with fast processing and lightning fast responses that renders it superb for 3D games and gaming.

Panasonic TC-P58VT25
- Delivers a superb 3D effect courtesy of it's 1080p 58 inch Plasma display. 2D imaging is also of the highest quality. Consistently gets multiple star reviews on all of the leading technology news and shopper type sites. Surely one of the best 3D TV models around.

Panasonic  TC-P54VT25 - Panasonicís TC-P54VT25 plasma 3D TV offers stunning 2D and 3D picture quality thanks to its revolutionary Infinite Black Panel Pro technology. This technology works to increase contrast levels, putting the set among the leaders of those able to produce the deepest black levels. With accurate colouring and reduced crosstalk courtesy of the frame sequential technology screen, and extra features such as the ability to stream content from a number of internet sources, this model stands out among the best that Panasonic have to offer.

Samsung PN50C8000 50-inch plasma 3D TV
- Consistently receiving high star ratings from a number of sources, Samsung's 8000 range plasma 3D TV models demonstrate high quality, impressive performance and a smart, sleek appearance. This model is one of the most affordable of the highest rated 3D TVs, coupling its excellent 2D to 3D conversion ability with strong picture quality in general -  a combination of deep black levels, excellent picture detail and superb colour accuracy.

LG Electronics  PX 950 Series - Another range of plasma sets that have earned high ratings all round. LG stand up to the competition from the other 3D TV manufacturers with impressive performance in delivering both 2D and 3D content.


It's a fact that plasma 3D TVs offer the best picture quality, but LED and LCD sets are rapidly catching up and there are a number of reasons why you might want to weigh up your choices and consider buying an LED LCD TV instead. The most obvious reason is a green one - energy consumption. LED TVs offer more energy efficiency than plasmas, with LCDs running a close second in this area. And they do this while still delivering a perfectly clear and bright picture. In addition, there's plenty of choice in models and display sizes plus the aesthetics of the LCD sets compete well with the appearance of plasma sets.

Here's a list of the best LCD and LED 3D TV models currently on the market:

Sony KDL-40HX803
- One of the best from Sony - a 40 thin model with a 40 inch LED screen giving high brightness and excellent colours. Worthy of its place in our best 3D TV list.

Philips 46PFL9705
- Exemplary performance from a Philips set delivering sharp, crystal clear 3D images by courtesy of it's 46 inch LED backlit LCD screen.

Vizio XVT 3SV Series:  This range comes with built in Visio TruLED and Smart Dimming technology, offering great performance at 1080p resolution and 240Hz refresh. Vizio are recognised for providing quality at a value price, placing the best models in their 3D TV range into a competitive position when compared with TVs from the other manufacturers.

Samsung UN55C8000 55 Inch 3D LED TV

Samsung are well known for the quality of their plasma range, but their LED line up also contains some excellent models. The UNC8000 in particular stands out, with the 55 inch model offering deeper blacks and overall colour accuracy than many other LED LCD models. Of course, to watch 3D TV you'll need a source of content such as a 3D Blu Ray player and some 3D glasses both of which you can get in bundle packages if you shop around. 3D imaging on the set is subject to very little ghosting or crosstalk, and the 2D to 3D conversion works well, especially with animated scenes and 3D games.

It doesn't stop there, the UNC8000 comes with internet connectivity built in, and with Samsung apps bundled that give you access to internet based services such as Pandora and Netflix. Overall, the Samsung UN55C8000 3D TV is an excellent, attractive model that combines superb picture quality with the best and latest technology.

Samsung UN46C8000 46 Inch 3D LED TV  -  The Samsung UN46C8000 also site in the market at a very good price and delivers great picture quality. This 3D LED LCD TV offers deeper blacks than most other models along with superb colour performance. Aside from that, features and general performance are similar to the UN55C8000 above.

Samsung UNC7000

Similar to the UNC8000 above, the UNC7000 gives many of the same features but at a lower price. The performance capability is slightly lower as you'd expect, with the biggest differences between the two being that the 7000 does not have the precision dimming capability or the contrast ratio of the higher spec UNC8000. For the price it's one of the best LED 3D TVs available.

Sony BRAVIA KDL-55HX800 55 Inch
- Sony's superb 55 inch LED 3D TV - the HX800 - delivers an excellent picture in both 2D and 3D, with an overall performance that matches plasmas in ability to show bright colours and the deepest levels of blackness, along with minimal issues with ghosting. 2D content displayed in HD is truly stunning. It's one of the cheapest of the best 3D TVs available, though the extra cost of 3D glasses and an emitter do have an impact on pricing.

Vizio XVT3D554SV 55 Inch 3D LCD TV - Vizio models are known as the budget sets of the 3D TV world, but as we've seen with other electronics items, budget doesn't always mean lack of quality. In fact this model can hold its own with the best when you take pricing into account. The local dimming backlit display gives deep blacks and good strong colours, as with all our best 3D TVs in the list, and this model is clearly the leader of all the Vizio models.

The TV features an ultra high 480Hz refresh rate, an advance over the usual 240Hz found on most 3D ready models. The result is visible in a picture with virtually no blurring in motion and very little cross talk or ghosting.  This benefit helps offset the lack of 2D to 3D conversion, as does the inbuilt WiFi capability.

For another great budget level model, check out the Vizio XVT3D424SV 42" 3D LCD TV.

Samsung L46C750 - Samsung's 46 inch LCD set is one of the most reasonably priced 3D TVs available, giving a top quality 2D performance while using its 300,000 to 1 contrast ratio coupled with 3D HyperReal Engine technology to deliver excellent quality 3D images. In fact the 2D performance is exceptional for a set of this type and price. Ghosting is apparent, though gets significantly reduced by correctly configuring any 3D Blu Ray that you connect up. The 2D to 3D conversion feature gives strong performance, though as you'd expect it's not quite in the same league as watching content that's been made for 3D.

Best Large Screen 3D TV

Mitsubishi WD-73638 73 Inch   One of the biggest of the best 3D TVs in our list, the Mitsubishi WD-73638 is a great 3D TV for anyone looking for a good balance of size, price, and quality. Coming with an optional starter pack, you'll get excellent, bright colors and crisp, clear pictures with this set.

Panasonic TX-P65VT20 - As of December 2010 this 65 inch set was the biggest plasma 3D TV available. The Panasonic Viera model delivers excellent performance with fast processing and lightning fast responses that renders it superb for 3D games and gaming.

Sony Bravia KDL-60NX810
- A super thin, 60 inch  3D TV with built in 2D to 3D conversion and Wifi capability that delivers one of the best 3D and 2D HDTV viewing experiences. Colours are superb with very little blurring on high motion scenes. The sound quality is stunning and well worth the extra investment of buying high quality speakers.


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