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Panasonic TC-P58VT25

''Being the proud owner of one of these Panasonic sets, I have to say I love it. Nothing else comes close to the Panasonic 3D models. This one is awesome, and there are many reviews of 3D TV models that mark this one out as one of the best, if not the best.

Once you watch 3D content on a Panasonic plasma 3D TV you'll be blown away. Get ready to jump as objects seem to fly out of the display and right into your living room.''

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''My first ever 3D TV review comes from my heart. I love this TV. LOVE IT! The 3D works amazingly, and as my provider, DirectTV gets more channels, I'm sure I will watch more''

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I'll guess you're here because either you've decided that the time might be right to take the plunge and buy a 3D TV, or you've seen and heard about the growing interest in 3D TVs and want to know what the fuss is about. If it's the former, then the ideal place to start out is by reading through 3D TV reviews online to get an idea of how different models are rated, and the differences between them. With the wide range of choices on the internet, it's easy to find and read reviews for 3D TVs.

If you want to get some understanding of how 3D TV works, what 3D glasses are needed for, the background to 3D TV in general, and see what 3D content is available to watch, then there are many pages here on 3DTVGuide.org which will help.

Before you do start looking for specific websites carrying 3D TV reviews on their pages, it's a good idea to get to understand how websites that provide reviews of 3D TV models work. There are many online reviews that cover pretty much every model of 3D TV and you'll have no problem finding one that covers any type of 3D television or model that you're interested in. Consumer or buyer reviews tend to have more useful information, though you'll find more reviews of new 3D TVs on technology and gadget websites.

On this page I've listed the different types of sites where you're going to find the best 3D TV reviews. Remember though that they're not always impartial. Many websites exist to make money, and one of the ways they do this is by advertising. In a small number of cases this is achieved by manufacturers or stores paying directly to be listed on the site, but in a lot of cases it's achieved by the site owners earning money when you click on ads on the page. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, and you can find many sites which strike a good balance between the information they provide and the intention to run a business through the site.

Here we'll try to find and list the most valuable websites that try to get the balance right and carry the most valuable 3D TV reviews on their pages:

Amazon probably needs no introduction, but suffice it to say that they are quite simply one of the greatest online resources for pretty much anything related to the entertainment world. On Amazon you can find pretty much anything you want, they'll remember you and present items they think you'd like each time you return. The crowning glory is that they carry thousands of buyer reviews which you can trust. For our purposes here,  each of the 3D TVs they list carries a reviews section where buyers post their feedback on performance. Reviews are given a star rating, with 5 out of five being the best rating. Amazon is a great place to start for sifting through 3D TV reviews for the first time.

Electronics Shopping Sites

This is a potentially huge category. There are dozens of well know big brand shopping sites which sell 3D televisions and carry 3D TV reviews to help shoppers choose between items and give good reasons either to stay on the sites for more shopping, or to bookmark and return for future buying decisions.

Listing sites here does get complicated because many of these online electronics stores are country specific, so here I'm going to break down stores into countries. Just click on your country flag n the right for a list of online stores that give good 3D TV reviews sections to help their visitors. 

Technology and Gadget Review Websites

There are some highly valuable, well respected, and long running websites which either concentrate on or provide information on technology in general.

On pretty much any site that carries reviews of TVs and other audio visual equipment, you'll find a dedicated section that covers 3D TV reviews and comparisons. These types of website fall firmly under the category of those that earn advertising revenue, but as I said before don't let that out you off. You just need to bear in mind that some may have an interest in pushing specific manufacturers models, and take that into account.

Most will have no underlying financial interest, other than to give you the best resource they can put together which will then encourage you to return again and again. They provide information to attract visitors (you), if the information is good the visitors stay on the site for more (and hopefully return regularly), and while they're on the site they will hopefully make a purchase or click on an ad that gives the site owners some advertising revenue.


You can read more about the benefits of belonging to a 3D TV forum on our forum page. Forums are of course really intended for debate and sharing information in a community environment, but many do carry specific sections which encourage members to post their own 3D TV reviews to help discussion.

The 3D TV Manufacturers.

Each f the major manufacturers have their own websites, though of course they're not interested in showing models other than their own. As a 3D TV reviews resource these sites are not going to be much use because the opinions you read will be biased. That's not to say that the info you can get isn't useful, and manufacturers sites can be a good place to start if you're looking for a specific range before you go off to other sites to get buyer or writer reviews.
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