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''...the LG Cinema 3D TV range is the best thing that ever happened to 3DTV so far. It's affordable, you can have loads of friends round to view 3D sports/movies due to the low cost of glasses, they don't give you headaches, no need to mess about recharging...''
LG Cinema 3D TV - 3D Cinema - But At Home

3D TV is changing the way we view movies, games and more. Where this amazing three-dimensional experience was once reserved for cinemas, weve now had our home viewing experiences expanded with the arrival of cinema quality 3D TVs that really do rival the immersive cinema experience, and LG Electronics are attempting to take it to the next level with the release of their LG Cinema 3D TV models.

3D technology and the creation of 3D TV images involves tricking our eyes into seeing things the way we do in real life, in that each eye is shown a slightly different image. Our brain merges the two images we usually see with our eyes and forms one single image that enables us to calculate depth, which is the trick that 3D technology is utilizing to put true-to-life pictures on our screens. Its become so effective over the development course of 3D entertainment during the past few decades that it genuinely feels - when it's done well - as if the characters and objects you see in 3D movies are coming out of the television set. This search for this level of quality is what's driving the manufacturers to release improved models, with the LG Cinema 3D TV aspiring to take it's place among the best 3D TV models on the market.

There are currently three types of technology used to deliver the 3D imaging from of 3D TVs: Passive 3D TV, Active Shutter 3D TV, and 3D TV without glasses. The first two require you to wear 3D glasses to view the images. No glasses 3D TV has obvious benefits and sits apart from these first two but the technology has not been perfected to a suitable standard and price point yet. Passive 3D TV is a more recent breakthrough development, and it's on this technology that the LG Cinema 3D TV is based.

The new LG Cinema 3D TV set uses Film Pattern Retarder technology - which optimizes the images delivered to the left and right eyes - to amazing effect with displays that are up to two times brighter than some other 3D TVS, and delivers a more cost effective solution to anyone wanting to watch cinema quality 3D content at home. FPR technology promises to virtually eliminate the problems of fatigue and dizziness that some viewers experience when watching 3D images.

The range of innovative models use polarized glasses, similar to those you get in the movie theatre, and with the passive Cinema 3D TV glasses costing only around 1 and being readily available at stores that sell Televisions and other 3D accessories they deliver a big benefit. It's this that really sets the passive LG 3D TVs apart from the active shutter glasses sets which require you to wear heavier, more expensive, less comfortable glasses.

The range of 3D content on TV is rapidly increasing, and LG is ensuring its at the forefront of the 3D TV market, meaning that people can not only watch movies on 3D Blu Ray players, but there are also 3D TV channels launching all the time. The amazing and sometimes bewildering choice of 3D TVs, mixed with the new 3D channels being launched, makes it possible to experience pretty much anything in 3D from movies and music concerts through to documentaries and adventure programming.

Initially supplied with seven free pairs of 3D Glasses, the LG Cinema 3D TVs come in several different packages. Theres the LW45OU Series, which comes in 32, 42, 47 and 55 (for a REAL Cinema effect!), with Freeview inbuilt and TruMotion 100Hz. The LW55OT Series comes in 42, 47 and 55, offering Freeview HD as an integral feature, as well as LG Smart and TruMotion 100Hz, meaning it offers superior TV viewing for the whole family. The LW650T Series offers exactly the same features, coming in exactly the same screen sizes, but offers TruMotion 200Hz, meaning it offers true to life, crystal clear HD images even during the fastest on screen action sequences. Youll be amazed at the difference this one feature can make, bringing the on screen image to life like youd never believe.

As with many of the current models, 2D images look better than ever on these specialized Cinema 3D TV sets, so even if youre not planning on spending every waking moment immersing yourself in 3D DVDs, games and TV channels, you can still enjoy your everyday viewing more than you ever have before.

There's one drawback though, with the LG sets delivering only half the resolution of active TVs. Instead of delivering full 1080p they run at 540p, though consumer reports suggest that this doesn't heavily affect quality levels. This forum thread at AVForums gives some good background and views from buyers on how the resolution drawback affects the LG models.

Back to the positives, and further enhancing the Cinema Experience the LG 3D TVs have optimized their sound performance with Clear Voice technologies and invisible speakers. Deep and dramatic sound booms out of these television sets, using the entire screen as a sound board and enhancing the sound of the human voice so it sounds like the people on the TV are right next to you!

All these features combine to make the LG Cinema 3D TV a highly regarded market leader from an overall picture quality, value for money, and sound quality perspective! Throw in the Smart TV capability for built in internet access and built in Freeview HD for 2D viewing on the LW550T and LW650T models, and it's clear that LG do have a potential market leading 3D TV on their books that can only help grow the acceptance and take up of 3D television in general.
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