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May 23 2011 - Throughout June this year 3net are planning to show the premieres of a wide range of 3D content all of which have been filmed in native 3D. The programmes cover a number of genres ranging from culture and adventure through to entertainment and history. The full schedule can be found on our 3net 3D page.

April 15th - Further growth in 3D Content. DirecTV recently announced a new TV series titled Gone Until December to be produced in a partnership deal with Union Square Media. The new series takes a look in 3D at the world of professional surfing, and promises 3D TV owners the chance to see footage of some of the most exotic locations around the world. The content will be available to n3D subscribers.

This follows hot on the heels of Sky 3D's announcement that they will broadcast 3D footage of two UK music festivals this summer. They'll be showing performances by bands at the Isle Of Wight and Bestival festivals.

Xfinity kicks off 3D broadcasts
Feb 21 2011 - The new Comcast channel commenced broadcasting of 3D content yesterday with airing in 3D of the 2011 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic and a concert by music group The Kings of Leon.

US Network Comcast To Run 3D Channel
Feb 18 2011  Named Xfinity 3D, Comcast's new 3D TV channel is launching next week featuring a full range of 3D content including sports, movies, music, and natural world.

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The Sources Of 3D Content

It's been no secret that the lack of substantial 3D content has been one of the obstacles to the mass acceptance of 3D TV as an entertainment medium, and it's often cited as one of the reasons why now is not a good time to buy a 3D TV for the first time. Over recent months that situation has begun changing in a dramatic fashion, with new options arriving in the shape of new video binoculars from Sony which let you create your own 3D video content 

3D Blu Ray players are becoming increasingly popular, 3D games are about to explode with the arrival of the Playstation 3D TV,and new 3D movies titles getting announced with startling regularity. Add to that the recent surge in the number of 3D TV channels, and it's easy to see why the 3D TV manufacturers have all announced superb line ups of new 3D TVs for 2011.

Of course, new 3D content needs to be of sufficient quality to maintain the growth in interest that's built up over recent months. It's becoming widely accepted that 3D games, animated movies and sports give the greatest impact when viewed in 3D. These three content streams seem to suggest that the younger age groups are most likely to want to get involved at this stage of 3D entertainment development.

On this page we'll take a look at the main sources of the 3D content currently available, and get a brief glimpse of where that 3D content might come from in future. And remember, 3D tchnology is moving so fast that the future can sometimes be only months away!

3D Blu Ray

Blu Ray players for displaying 3D content are becoming increasingly common, and prices are dropping like stones. All of the major manufacturers have 3D Blu Ray models in their hardware line ups...Read more on 3D Blu Ray players...

3D TV Networks & 3D TV Channels

Very recently 3net - the name given to the partnership between Sony, IMAX, and Discovery - began broadcasting 3D content 24 hours a day. Only days later, the well known Comcast network announced their 24 hour Xfinity 3D channel. Those two are US focussed channels, but the growth is global. In the UK, BSkyB's channel Sky 3D has been broadcasting since mid 2010 with a mix of sports, natural world, and movies.

It's clear that the networks are keeping a close eye on 3D, and we can expect more announcements over the coming months. And the content is good too, with sports, movies, music, and natural history progammes built into the schedules....Read more on 3D TV Channels & 3D TV Networks...

3D Games

3D gaming is about to come of age in a big way. The Nintendo 3DS is released in March 2011, firing a without glasses 3D display on to the market in huge numbers. It'll be worth watching how the public reacts to the 3DS, as success will certainly spur on the development of the mobile 3D TVs we've seen reported in the press over recent months. You can read more on 3D games at our sister site

3D Blu Ray Discs & 3D DVD

There are dozens of titles now on Blu Ray or 3DDVD to buy, with such favourites as How To Train Your Dragon and Meatballs adding to the levels of 3D content available. Of course, each new movie released into the cinemas eventually gets released as a Blu Ray for home viewing. If you've got a 3D TV and a 3D Blu Ray, there's no shortage of content to watch even now.

2D To 3D Conversion

There are special 3D TV converters available already, and the range of TVs that are capable of 2D to 3D conversion is growing. Many manufacturers sets can perform conversion, and while this is a good way to increase the amount of 3D content you've got at your fingertips, there are questions over quality. As with any technology though, I'll bet we see improved conversion software soon that will equal the quality of 'made for 3D TV' content....Read more on 2D to 3D conversion...

The Near Future.....

Sony have already released a 3D camcorder that contains two lenses, hence can shoot home movie clips in 3D. 3D camera are available too. When these 3D camcorders in particular become more affordable, you can expect to see home made 3D content on all of the popular video sites. The snowball is rolling, and could become an avalanche if an enterprising manufacturer decides to put together a 3D starter kit that contains all you need to start creating, and then watch, your own home made 3D content. Home

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