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3D Games

With the recent developments in 3D technology that includes 3D TVís, 3D Blu Ray players, 3D Cameras and 3D movies everywhere you look, itís no surprise that 3D games are taking off too.

Although 3D films have been around since the 1960ís, its renewed popularity has ensured a whole new 3D revolution is taking place, and the average consumer generally expects any visual mediums to be 3D capable at the very least.

The lack of specifically designed 3D games consoles is therefore a little surprising, but it surely wonít be long until every console, game, television, dvd and movie are presented in 3D simply as standard. In fact, Sony have just announced the impending arrival of the Playstation 3D TV, an innovation which has the potential to revolutionise 3D gaming.

The Nintendo 3DS handheld console has pipped many to the post as the first to offer handheld gaming in full 3D without the need for special 3D glasses. You can experience incredible gameplay with mind blowing graphics that make you feel as if you could literally fall into the game itself. With no need for 3D capable TVís or 3D glasses, the Nintendo 3DS provides you with a fully portable, amazing gaming experience, all in the palm of your hand.

With a 3D screen capable of displaying 16.77 million colors and an 800 x 240 pixel resolution, this handheld console is not only ground breaking but eye-poppingly captivating, giving objects within the game world a whole new feeling of realism.

A built in 3D Depth slider enables you to adjust the extent of the 3D effects to suit your liking, and can even be turned down completely if you find the 3D images simply too dazzling. Interestingly, even 2D games look better on this particular handheld Nintendo when compared to its predecessors, with the graphics in general beating everything else hands down.

But the 3D capabilities donít stop there. With a digital camera facing the user, along with two outer cameras along its upper edge, the Nintendo 3DS enables the gamer to take 3D photos of themselves! Each lens features 640 x 480 resolutions, and an active pixel count is roughly 300,000 pixels.

However, the Nintendo 3DS isnít the only 3D capable games console on the market, and the development of 3D games for virtually every console out there is increasingly popular. The PS3 in particular is now 3D capable, having upgraded its functionalities with a firmware update.

The PlayStation 3 can now play 3D Blu Ray discs via this free upgrade, along with 3D games, and all you need is a 3D TV and 3D glasses to enjoy the experience. Thatís perhaps the only major draw back for the PS3 in comparison to the Nintendo 3DS is that very fact. Itís ever so slightly inconvenient to have to purchase a 3D TV and 3D glasses to enjoy 3D gameplay on a big screen in your living room. However, when you consider that the whole technological world is going 3D, the investment in all of these items is likely to be a Ďsooner or laterí deal for you, and in the long run the experience far outweighs the price.

Whatever your current opinion about 3D platforms, movies, games and images goes, itís safe to say that the world really is embracing the 3D revolution - and that means eventually it will be the norm to experience a virtual 3D world on a daily basis. The gameplay you can achieve with a 3D capable TV or console can truly blow you away, and the games you thought were Ďabsorbingí before will take on a whole new dimension, dragging you into the game like never before and engrossing you in a world that genuinely feels real. This, and this alone, makes the money youíll spend on turning your life into a 3D destination a truly rewarding investment.

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