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Apple are one of the most successful technology providers, and the potential of a 3D iPad is one to be savoured and anticipated with relish. With the doubts over 3D TV in general, it’s possible that Apple could develop a 3D iPad in such a way that would make the 3D experience an unmissable one, rather than the current situation where 3D TVs are (to an extent) being positioned as high end, high quality 2D TVs with the 3D capability being marketed as an enhanced feature of the sets.

So the question on everyone’s lips is ‘Will we ever see an Apple iPad 3D TV? And the answer is that all the rumours suggest it’s a near certainty. There are already reports that Apple are collaborating with Samsung behind the scenes to develop high resolution iPad 3 displays that will show 3D without glasses. These displays - if they ever hit the light of day - are expected to take mobile 3D TV technology a step higher, offering the practicality and easy to use features that we’ve come to expect from Apple products in general. It’s not hard to see a successful without glasses iPad 3D model offering ‘virtual’ buttons that pop out from the screen ready for selection, amidst a host of other new features.

Apple already have a number of 3D patents filed, some of which are for 3D operating systems, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that major studios and 3D networks are also working in the background on 3D content so as to be ready for any 3D iPAD launch. It’s been well documented - and clearly shown in the first few months of the Nintendo 3DS lifecycle - that the availability of sufficient 3D content can make a huge difference to public acceptance, at least in its early days. We’ll get another chance to witness how that ‘availability of 3D content’ requirement works when the Sony Playstation 3D TV is launched in November or December 2011.

Various reports suggest we could see an iPad 3 announced - or maybe even available to buy - late in 2011. At this stage it’s difficult to second guess what capability it will have. But one thing is for sure, if anyone has the technological know how to bring mobile 3D TV to the fore, it’s Apple. Let’s wait and see what the near future brings.