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You can find comprehensive detail on the official Sharp 3D TV press release webpage covering the Quattron technology and how it works.

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Sharp 3D TV Guide
While the other major TV manufacturers have been busy announcing their 3D TV models over the last months of 2009 and throughout early 2010, Sharp have been noticeably quiet. The reason for this appears to be that Sharp have been focussing on a new development in technology to drive the Sharp 3D TV range.

The Japanese electronics group have announced the launch of the first 3D ready LCD TVs using what they term as 'Quattron' technology. These are expected to go on sale in Japan in summer 2010 and the US towards the end of the year, and are based on a pixel technology that adds yellow as a primary colour to the traditional displays which use red, blue, and green. With this new colour added to the spectrum, the range of colours available is increased from millions to billions. Sharp believe the Quattron TVs will provide a high quality viewing experience on flat screen 3D TVs, with perhaps some of the best picture quality seen so far.

Colour presentation is reportedly extremely bright and clear, and will be delivered to viewers via shutter 3D glasses. The TVs send signals to the glasses, and in synchronisation the glasses imperceptibly switch either the right or left lens from 'transparent' to 'dark'. The effect is a perfect 3D image display.

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Sharp 3D TVs have X-Gen LCD panels with LED backlighting. They feature Sharp’s unique Quattron 3D technology along with AQUOS motion 240 technology. The screens also have a multitude of connection options, both online and with cables.

Features of Sharp 3D TVs

The 2011 3D TVs from Sharp feature Quattron 3D technology. Quattron 3D adds a fourth color to the typical red, green, blue palette and it also reduces crosstalk blur. AQUOS Motion 240 combines Sharp’s Fine Motion Enhanced Technology with 120 backlight scanning to improve fast moving videos and movies. The Vyper Drive game mode on Sharp 3D TVs makes things five times faster to eliminate the lag that gamers are sometimes faced with. The 3D TVs from Sharp are also eco friendly, meeting the Energy Star qualifications.

Connectivity and Convenience

Sharp 3D TVs are DLNA certified and have built in Wi-Fi along with multiple HDMI and USB ports.  The IP control tool allows the TV to be controlled remotely from a computer or other device through the Ethernet terminal. The built in Wi-Fi gives users access to Netfliz, VUDU, or CinemaNow. Users can also use any of VUDU’s many apps, including Facebook, Flickr, Pandora, and Twitter. In addition, Sharp offers exclusive benefits to those who complete the free registration with AQUOS Advantage, such as getting an advisor to help with choosing TV options and other parts of set up.

Sharp LED LCD 3D TVs

The X-Gen LCD screens from Sharp feature a wide aperture that allows more light. The extra light reduces the need for backlight but still shows a bright, clear picture. In addition, there are fewer ribs so the pixels are sealed in more completely. Quattro 3D adds yellow to the RGB color panel for the creation of all sorts of colors, and the LED backlight makes a dynamic contrast ratio possible.

LC-46LE831E (UK)

The 117 cm AQUOS Quattron 3D TV features built in Freeview HD, Aquos Net + internet connection, Wi-Fi USB dongle, and a USB time shift function. It can convert from 2D to 3D, and has one of the lowest energy consumption ratings of its class. The panel is also Skype and DLNA ready.

LC-60LE925E (UK)

The LC-60LE925E is a 152 cm X-gen LCD panel with AQUOS Quattron 3D that uses LED backlight for a dynamic mega contrast. It has Scanning Backlight 200 technology for improved clarity and smoothness, as well as time shift and ecological features.

LC-60LE925UN (US)

The 60” Full HD 1080p X-Gen LCD Panel features AQUOS Quattron 3D technology along with Quad Pixel Plus Technology. It uses UltraBrilliant LED System, AquoMotion 240, and Frame Rate Enhanced Driving. Features of the panel include Spacious 3D Sound, Vyper Drive gaming mode, AQUOS Net, IP control and dual USB inputs.

LE835U Series of Sharp 3D TVs (US)

The LE835U series includes panel sizes of 40”, 46”, 52”, and 60”. The screens use AQUOS Quattron 3D and Quad Pixel Plus Technology, along with UltraBrilliant LED System and AquoMotion 240. The series has built in Wi-Fi and Connected TV for access to Vudu, CinemaNow and Netflix. It also features Vyper Drive gaming mode and Spacious 3D Sound.