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Vizio, Inc. is a relative newcomer to the LCD television market. Founded in October 2002, Vizio originally had three employees and provided the computer company, Gateway, Inc. with consulting services. The next year, the VIZIO brand began manufacturing plasma computer monitors. It wasn't until 2004 that the company broke into the television business. Its 32-inch LCD and 42-inch plasma models were named Best TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2006. In 2007 Vizio became the largest North American seller of LCD televisions in the second quarter of 2007, with 606,402 televisions sold. This accounts for a 76 percent rise in sales from the previous quarter. But in 2009, co-founder Laynie Newsome announced the company would be discontinuing its plasma television production, instead focusing solely on LCDs.

Vizio experienced a great year in 2009, becoming the No. 1 shipper of LCD HDTV's in North America for the first quarter, and the No. 1 shipper in the United States for the second. The company even became the official sponsor of Super Bowl XLIII. Vizio HDTVs were more prevalent than Sony models on store shelves in July of that year. From a three-employee, $600,000 start, Vizio's revenues for 2006 were estimated to be around $700 million, and to have exceeded $2 billion the very next year.

With such quick growth, it's not surprising Vizio is jumping onto the 3D bandwagon in 2010.  At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, the company announced its new line of 3D HDTVs, the XVT Pro Series. Set for release in August 2010, the XVT Pro Series will be available in screen sizes of 47 inches, 55 inches, and 72 inches. There will also be a 58-inch Cinema Wide model, providing content in an aspect ratio of 21x9. Each model will include a 480Hz refresh rate. Also included is Vizio's TruLED technology, a unique array of LED backlighting that covers the entire screen, not simply the edges like some competitor models. Controlling the TruLED backlighting is the Smart Dimming circuitry, which controls the light levels of hundreds of individual zones. This combination of TruLED and Smart Dimming allows the XVT Pro Series to display stunning, high-definition images as well as maintain crisp black levels. Even 3D content can be displayed in amazing 1080p.

The XVT Pro Series will also allow consumers access to Vizio Internet Apps with the series' built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity. For those without wireless, a wired network connection is also available. Additionally, each set comes bundled with a Bluetooth universal remote control, which has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, making Internet surfing easy from the couch. Consumers without HDMI cables need not fear, either; the XVT Pro Series comes with Wireless HDMI, so even unconnected sources can beam HD audio and video directly to the televisions.

The 3D capability in the XVT Pro Series is provided by SENSIO 3D technology. While this 3D technology does not perform any real up-conversion of 2D content, it will be able to produce 3D effects on conventional DVD and Blu-Ray players if the discs carry SENSIO encoding. This means consumers don't need to upgrade their players when they upgrade their TVs. Soon there will also be video on demand, pay-per-view, digital television, and even HDTV broadcasts available in stunning 3D.

SENSIO 3D technology works by beaming 1080p images to each eye individually, based on the display's refresh rate. To see the 3D spectacle, consumers will need to wear XpanD active-shutter glasses, which will darken each lens in time with the refresh rate. This provides a sharp, crystal clear 3D image without the color distortion associated with traditional red-blue anaglyph images. And because the refresh rate of XVT Pro Series operates at 480Hz, there's no worry about flickering or choppy image movement with 3D content.

Vizio has jumped from a small consulting company to the largest LCD TV seller in the United States in only eight years. With a track record like that, Vizio's XVT Pro Series is a smart choice for anyone looking to upgrade his or her home entertainment to 3D.
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