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The 3D TV Models That Will Bring Stunning Images to Your Living Room

3D imaging technology has taken a huge leap forward in capability over the last few years, and we're now seeing the first mass production of 3D TV models from the leading 3D TV manufacturers - each of who are going all out to win the race to get those 3D TVs and the best of their 3D TV models on to the shelves and into our homes.

Though the first of the 3D movies made its debut way back in 1922, it has taken nearly a century for the technology to truly revolutionize film viewing. Originally, the images in 3D films were fuzzy and you had to watch it through red and blue 3D glasses, leading to discoloration. These drawbacks caused 3D to fade from the spotlight in the 1980s. However, the technology has recently been almost completely re-invented, providing true color, crystal-clear images on movie theater screens all over the world. Recent films such as Avatar, Clash of the Titans, and Alice in Wonderland have once again whetted the public's appetite for 3D content.

Up to very recently, there's been only one problem: Until recently the 3D form was restricted to major multiplexes. This isn't the case anymore, with a number of high profile 3D TV networks making a push throughout 2010 and into 2100 to bring 3D content right into the homes of the viewing audience. Panasonic, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba have all announced 3D TV models that will not only bring the true, high quality 3D excitement of Avatar to the small screen, but they're working on bringing the third dimension to broadcast and cable television content as well.

Toshiba isn't even waiting for 3D networks to start broadcasting. It's been one of the first off the block with 3D TV models by introducing the new ZX900 series Cell TV which boasts unique conversion technology, allowing this model to convert traditional 2D broadcasts into 3D in real time. Viewers will be able to watch previously recorded 2D shows or movies in 3D. This “smart” Toshiba TV will be available fall 2010 in both 55-inch and 65-inch screens, though it does still require the use of 3D glasses.

Panasonic, on the other hand, is pushing forward more quickly. As the biggest manufacturer of plasma 3D TV models in the industry, Panasonic is set to leap ahead of the pack. The company can make the push because adapting plasma TVs to 3D technology is more cost effective than other 3D manufacturing methods. At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Panasonic unveiled its newest television model, the VT25 series, which was their first 3D-ready plasma TV. It's been available in 50, 54, 58, and 65 inches and produces full high definition 1080-pixel images.

LG Electronics joined the fray, too, with their newly announced LX9500 series of 3DTVs, which became available in May 2010. These new models offered sizes between 47 and 55 inches, and were the first 3D-capable full LED 3D TV sets. LG's unique placement of the LEDs behind the LCD allows for a stunning contrast resolution of 10,000,000:1. This model can even accommodate a webcam for Skype video calls.

3D technology also has been incorporated into Sony's Bravia series of LCD 3D TV televisions. Combining Sony's proprietary high frame rate technology and the active-shutter 3D glasses system, the Bravia series will be able to reproduce the sharp, three-dimensional images seen at big cinemas, this time in the comfort of your living room.

Another 3D contender, Samsung, created a bevy of new models. Both their UNC7000 and UNC8000 series of plasma televisions are 3D-capable, ranging in size from 50 inches up to 63. But Samsung didn't stop at plasmas. The UNC900 series is a 3D-ready range of LED televisions, with models up to 65 inches in screen size.

If you're in the market to buy a 3D TV, the Samsung 3D TV models are available in most retail stores and online from a variety of electrical retailers. Samsung models come with built in 2D to 3D conversion capability. There's a wide range from of TVs on offer from all the other TV makers including such names as Vizio, Mitsubishi, and Phillips. The TV makers don't stop with just 3D TVs either, there's a wide range of 3D Blu Ray players on the market that extend your choice of what content to watch on your new 3D TV.

It may have taken almost 90 years, but the 3D revolution has begun, and the technology is poised to make its way into home theaters across the globe!