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Do We Need To Take The 3D TV Health Warnings Seriously?

As the interest in home 3D TV gathers pace, so too are the concerns that watching 3D images might be harmful in some way, particularly to certain viewing groups. The question that's being looked at in the news is whether the 3D TV health warnings we're seeing are to be taken seriously.

These health warnings regarding 3D TVs are nothing new, you can find comments on many blogs and 3D TV forums which spell them out. What we need to consider is whether these have any concrete foundation, or are they just comments from people who don't believe 3D TV has a future? It looks as if the answer is that we need to practice caution, and take any 3D TV health warnings into account - certainly until they're conclusively disproved. With big 3D TV manufacturers such as Samsung issuing their own warnings to the potential at risk groups, it's going to make sense to be careful.

Samsung have published a set of 3D TV health warnings that suggests watching 3D TV might not be as straightforward as it seems. Everyone's experience when viewing 3D images for any length of time could be different, and tests over a period of time conclude that whereas for a vast majority of us there should be no problems, there are some of us who could experience problems. In particular smaller children, who's eyes are not situated the ideal of around 2.5 inches apart.

Firstly Samsung state that to ensure a good viewing experience you'll need to block out sunlight and remove the source of any fluorescent lighting. The Samsung warning goes on to warn of the possible dangers to anyone who might experience strokes or epileptic seizures, and to instruct parents to keep a close eye on younger children to make sure they're not having dizziness, sickness, or lightheadedness.

The warning follows up with a guide that indicates you shouldn't watch 3D TV while under the influence of alcohol, or if you're tired. In addition to this, it's been well documented that some viewers can get headaches after wearing 3D glasses, sometimes for only short periods of time. It'll be interesting to see whether 3D TV without glasses gives the types of problems. Pregnant women are also advised to be cautious.

These all seem to be valid, common sense warnings, and I think we can all see that certain people might need to be more careful than others when watching 3D TV.

But is it something which anyone looking to buy a 3D TV should worry about?

In the longer term, perhaps from years of viewing, the jury is still out. With 3D TVs only really becoming available in the last year or two, there's not enough eveidence available one way or the other. The available evidence suggests that long term issues are unlikely, providing you take care and do not subject your eyes to lengthy periods of viewing without taking a break.

For now though, the jury will remain out on whether 3D TV health warnings are serious enough to have any major impact on future take up or development.

This lengthy blog post on the potential of issues from watching 3D content examines the subject in some detail, though some might say from an overly pessimistic perspective.