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Revealing The Pioneering 3D Content on Offer by BSkyB's Sky 3D

One of the first mover 3D TV networks, BSkyB launched the 3D TV channel Sky 3D to European Customers in March 2010. Sky 3D was then the first channel to offer one of the first 3D sports offers with the airing of the first live 3D football match. This was shown in pubs in a number of major UK cities. The new channel quickly moved on to airing a mixture of high quality 3D content, including 3D movies, arts, sports, music, and entertainment. With a solution that uses a High Definition platform to deliver side-by-side, half resolution 3D images, the well known European broadcaster was priming itself to give us convincing 3D entertainment.

Sky currently transmit programmes to around one third of all UK homes,  about 4% (1.6 million) of these taking the full Sky+HD offer needed to be able to get the 3D channel. This puts Sky in a perfect position to keep its place in future as one of the leading 3D TV networks. 

The first 3D film to be shown was broadcast on April 6, 2010 - a prehistoric adventure titled "Flying Monsters 3D"- produced by Atlantic Productions and written and presented the well known presenter of natural history programmes, David Attenborough.

Now in early 2011 Sky have announced that Customer numbers for the 3D channel reached over 70,000 - a good testament to the future potential of 3D TV. Sky suggest that this number is roughly half of all 3D TV owners in the UK.

Of course, to watch any of the Sky 3D content, you'll need to purchase one of the 3D TVs now lining the store shelves. And to watch any content from 3D DVDs or Blu Ray discs, you'll also need a 3D Blu Ray player and 3D glasses. Fortunately both the TVs and Blu Rays are dropping in price rapidly as 3D TV technology progresses, and no glasses 3D TV models have already been demonstrated.

Sky's 3D content is filmed using 2 HD cameras which shoot the same scenes, but from two slightly different perspectives. As you'll remember from our pages on 3D glasses and how 3D works, this replicates the way we 'see' things. These two images are then sent through the Sky 3D broadcast network. The technique works well, and as the take up of specially made 3D TVs gathers pace, it's likely that many of us in Europe will be looking to Sky for our 3D content.
To celebrate their success with the 3D channel, Sky have put together the video above, showing how 3D TV works and a look behind the scenes at the technology that they use to prepare programmes and broadcast.
Sky 3D News & Programming

Feb 23 2011 Sky 3D will become the first broadcaster to show live opera in 3D when the opera Lucrezia Borgia runs at the London Coliseum. As well as being shown in various 2D cinemas, the show will also be seen on the Sky 3D channel and at 15 3D cinemas acrross the UK.