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When it comes to 3D TVs and gaining the truly immersive home entertainment experience that they promise, it'll be no surprise to learn that the biggest 3D TV models are generally reckoned to give the best results. So depending on budget, it's worth knowing as much as possible about those big 3D TV sets that are currently available.

The reality is that these big 3D TV models come with big prices, and a number of them can be considered vehicles for showing the skills of the manufacturers rather than being commercially accessible for many of us. There are a few though that are within buying range. It does stretch the imagination thinking what one of these big 3D TVs will look like in your living room, but if you can afford the price there's little doubt you're going to get a stunning experience from one. It's probably worth remembering that you could get the same, or better, overall experience by using a high quality 3D projector with a big projector screen, though there's a lot to be said for getting the big 3D TV feeling from an all in one TV solution.

But getting a big 3D TV does not guarantee comfortable 3D viewing, there's a problem. Even though using a big 3D TV is going to give a more immersive experience, that's no good if the size of room you have is too small to contain it and allow seating or viewing at an optimal distance. Before buying that's definitely something you'll need to give strong consideration to - a big 3D TV needs a big room. Sit too close, and every imperfection will be highly visible, you just won't get the best effect. Generally you'll want to be seated around 12 to 15 feet from a 92 inch screen, maybe a little closer if you never suffer from any form of nausea or dizziness while watching 3D images.

On this page we'll take a look at some of the major manufacturers biggest 3D TV models on the market today.
Samsung 70 inch 4K 3D TV

In June 2011 Samsung displayed their 70 inch 4K 8 million pixel 3D TV  at a Los Angeles conference. The technology used promises a huge step up from current HDTV resolution which stands at a maximum 1920x1080p and dlivers around 2 million pixels.

LG 72 inch LCD/LED 3D TV

LG's 72 inch model is designated the LZ9700, and delivers outstanding image quality via an LED backlit LCD display. Aside from its 3D capability, the model also gives Smart TV features providing access to internet information and entertainment services. Viewers can watch high quality 3D content via the 59 inch wide and 40 inch high screen.

Bang & Olufsen 85 inch

As you might expect from a highly respected audio visual manufacturer such as Bang & Olufsen, this model comes with a hefty price tag. It does offer some unique features including a motorised display which rises when the TV is powered on to show the loudspeaker. 3D images are displayed on the massive 85 inch screen via active shutter 3D glasses.

Sharp 70 inch LC 70LE732U - 735U

These four sets come packed with enticing features, the big 70 inch 735U Quattron LCD 3D TV model delivering full LED backlighting and built in Smart TV capability giving access to multiple forms of online content. The 3D set uses Sharp's Quad Pixel technology to add an extra colour to its range - adding yellow to the normal mix of red, blue, and green. You can expect to pay around $3800 for the privilege of owning this model.

Mitsubishi 73 inch to 92 inch 3D TVs

Mitsubishi are going all out to become recognised as the leader in marketing the widest range of the biggest 3D TVs available. The 92 inch WD-92840 - weighing a stunning 190 pounds plus - sits at the top of the Mitsubishi Diamond 840 DLP Home Cinema range, which also includes 73 inch and 82 inch models. All come with full Smart TV features built in and are priced between around $2600 for the 73 inch and $6000 for the high end 92 inch.

Models use DLP - Digital Light Processing - technology, which is similar to that used in most cinemas. The picture quality is excellent and gives clear and sharp images, though thers is some reflection from the screen which could be a problem in brighter room conditions. It's also worth noting that DLP models need bulbs and these cost extra. The 180 watt bulbs used in the Mitsubishi sets cost around $100.

There's a slightly cheaper 73 inch model - the 640 Series WD-73640 - available at around $2100.