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Easy to follow guide to the 3D TV technology used to deliver 3D imaging. Answering the question 'how does 3D TV work?'

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Where can I get more info on 3D TVs, Blu Rays, glasses etc
One of the best ways to get good information on any subject is by participating in forum discussions. Here you'll find a good choice of 3D TV forum threads chosen for their  interesting discussion value.

3D TV Manufacturers - The latest developments and models from the leading TV manufacturers - Toshiba   Samsung   Mitsubishi
Panasonic   Sony   LG   Vizio
Phillips   Sharp

3D TV Models - Revealing the latest new 3D models to hit the stores.

3D TV Networks - Get the lowdown on the 3D content providers, and find out who has plans for dedicated 3D  channels - Cablevision, Cox, Time Warner, Comcast, DirecTV, Verizon, Sky

3D TV Converters - Guide to 2D to 3D converters.

3D Blu Ray Players - Read about the latest breakthrough developments in DVD players - an essential piece of the 3D TV puzzle.

3D Glasses - Understand why 3D glasses are required to see good quality images in 3D.

3D Movies - Examining the meteoric rise in popularity of the new 3D films to hit the cinemas.
All 3D TVs          Get the latest reviews and development news on the full range of available 3D TV models 

Toshiba    Samsung    Mitsubishi    Panasonic    Sony    LG    Vizio    Philips    Sharp
To compile a valuable directory of 3D TV sites, we need to consider how the different types of sites can be best classified. The term '3D TV sites' is a broad one, and within each classification there are a number of sub-types to cover including other hardware sites such as those covering 3D Blu Ray players, and content sites which will cover the different 3D DVD titles available and released 3D movies. So, it's a good idea to break them down into separate groups and cover each group one by one. This directory will list the most useful websites for anyone that has an interest in 3D TVs, whether from a technology perspective or if you're looking for a resource to help you buy a 3D TV online or in a local store.

For the purposes of this directory we have a number of valuable information categories - including the pages of the 3D TV manufacturers themselves, the major well known gadget and technology type sites that have dedicated 3D sections, and standalone 3D TV review type sites.  Of this last named, I'd just like to take the opportunity here to point out a great new site that's aiming to build into a concise 3D TV resource - the site's known as www.3d-tv-and-movies.com and gives some great info on our subject in an easy to read, highly informative format.

Of course, the list of 3D related sites is bigger than this, but you'll find specific websites on such subjects as 3D TV networks3D glasses, and 3D TV technology on the individual pages for those subjects here on 3DTVGuide.org.

Blogs and 3D TV forums are other useful types of site for. 3D TV forums are covered in depth on the forum page of this site, but blogs often tend to be focussed on a much wider technology range, so I'll only provide links to those specific 3D TV related blog posts that look to give strong info.

Compiling a list such as this is time consuming, so I'll be approaching it gradually. If you're a webmaster, or generally interested in 3D TV and would like to recommend a 3D TV site for inclusion here, or if your site is already listed but you'd like a description added, then please feel free to contact me at info (at) 3dtvguide.org. Likewise if you've arrived at this page because you're looking to buy a 3D TV set, then maybe drop me a line to tell me which site or sites you found most helpful. Similarly if you have a Smart TV related site let me know, I'll currently building a Smart TV sites page for SmartTV101.com.
Types Of Websites & Why They Exist.

1. The 3D TV Manufacturers

The interest in 3D TV is growing daily, with 3D TV related press releases appearing by the minute, and this interest is set to grow exponentially throughout the world as content for 3D viewing becomes more widely available.

The 3D TV manufacturers of course have a major interest in seeing this growth continue. It has a direct affect on their bottom line. They exist to make a profit, purely and simply, just the same as pretty much every business. They aim do this by providing an excellent experience for users of their equipment, with the best of them providing stunning quality TVs specially built to give 3D imaging of the highest quality.

Of course, their websites are built to show their 3D TV hardware in the best light. The Samsung 3D TV homepage is a good example. So, you can't always rely on an objective view and to make a choice if you're looking to buy then it's best to make a visit to a 3D TV review site, who may not have a vested interest in making any recommendations.

2. 3D TV Review/Standalone Websites

These can be broken down into 2 types - pure information websites and advertising sites. There's a major difference in their intent, but both offer seriously good information in many cases.

I call these standalone 3D TV sites in the sense that they're not generally run by TV manufacturers, but by independent webmasters (or teams of webmasters). This may not be totally true, because there will be some review sites which could have manufacturer backing. It's not impossible for a manufacturer to take over a successful review site and take advantage of the visitor base to advertise their own range of models. At this point I don't know the names of any, but will attempt to find out and publish here.

Anyway, as I said there are two main types, and the big difference is in advertising. There are a handful of pure information type sites. Good examples would be Wikipedia and DMOZ. Then there are hundreds of other sites which provide great information (in a lot of cases), and not so good information (in a lot of cases), which actually exist as businesses which make money from advertising. It's fair to say that the best among them are run by dedicated technology enthusiasts, and that shines through in the content they provide. Some make a lot of money, some make a reasonable return, and many make a small amount or nothing. Most are marketing a range of hardware equipment, occasionally focussed on one or two types and often many more.

And how does this work? What are these 3D TV sites trying to achieve?

The answer is they provide information to attract visitors (you), if the information is good the visitors stay on the site for more (and hopefully return regularly), and while they're on the site they will hopefully make a purchase after clicking on an ad on the site.

When they do this, the visitor is tracked or associated to the link that they arrived from, and the sending site gets paid for sending the new business. It's called affiliate marketing, and is in use throughout the internet, not just for TV sales. Big companies use this as a way of advertising on the internet, and marketing to a user base which they might never get access to on their own. One very good example is Amazon, and you can see a number of links to Amazon throughout this site.

You might wonder if there are any risks of you losing out because of this method of marketing? The answer is no. When you buy anything through an affiliate site, you're not losing anything. It's as if you'd visited the site you're purchasing from directly. In fact, some affiliate sites are powerful enough to negotiate special deals with suppliers where you'll get better offers and promotions than if you'd signed directly. 'Shopping around' is a good phrase to remember here.

Techwatch.co.uk 3D TV news
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About.com carries an in depth FAQ article which covers all areas of 3D TV development.
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