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About 3D
Hi, and welcome to the About Us page of 3DTVGuide.org.

My name's Steve. I'm proud of this site about 3D TVs, though it's not perfect (yet). Building a website is a never ending job and I have plenty of extra info to add.

I've billed the site as 'a comprehensive guide to 3D TV'. We could debate whether this is fully true. For example I don't yet have reviews of every 3DTV model in existence. However I do believe that if you want to find out more about 3D TV you can comfortably do so here and you will learn a lot. There's a substantial amount of valuable info already published, and where I've not covered a specific area fully there are links out to other valuable sites that have.

The site is also in the initial stages of a redesign to improve the presentation of information. Not enough hours in the day, especially as I'm working on a couple of other new sites which will go live towards the end of August.

However 3DTvGuide.org will get its revamp in the coming weeks, and I'm currently also writing new content for a number of pages which have been not been updated for a while. That's not the case with the best page on this site - on 3D TV without glasses. This is now an authoritative page on the subject - most of the time at number 1 Google for the main search terms, and sitting above some heavy, top quality websites - and goes to show what can be done if you're writing about a subject you have a passion for.

There are a number of internal pages which are also ranked for main search terms, and a number which have gone to PR2 or 3 in the last Google page rank update. The home page has just moved to a PR4. Page rank isn't everything of course, but it's always good to see it move upwards, even if only from a psychological perspective. I'm starting to get organic links built without any prompting, which is a good indication that other webmasters are seeing some of the pages here as a good resource, and that's a great thing to see if you have pride in your work. Ah, recognition.

I must say here that very little of this would have been possible without studying the recommendations of a gentleman named Randy Ray. Randy runs a poker SEO blog at pokerseo.org. Yes, it's a poker blog, but the concepts within it can be applied to any type of site. If you're a webmaster looking to grow your site's footprint on the internet then I'd recommend you take a look.

For years now I've had the feeling that 3D entertainment was going to explode at some point, and I kicked off my 3D sites with 3DPokerGame.com. This was a good one to learn with and is still live but has taken a back seat while I focus on my true loves - movies and games. Where better to start than building a site that's a tribute to 3D TV? And where better to focus next than on a 3D games site which you'll find at 3DGamesNet.com? I already have the movies covered with www.3DDVD.net, too.

So, around 14 months or so ago I put 3DTVGuide.org live with about 20-25 pages of content. I left it to 'age' a while...which was a good thing. Life isn't always entirely about websites, although it feels that way sometimes. In that time my partner and I have been trying for a baby, been through redundancies at work, moved house, got married, started out on an adoption process, and the garden is under construction (by me)...plus my 4 year old son takes a lot of playing time. Lucky I could leave it for a while, eh?

But around four months ago I noticed increasing traffic to the site. Studied the traffic logs and saw that a lot of the increase was going to the 'without glasses 3D TV' page. So I spent some time working on it, the traffic increased, I spent some more time on it, and it increased some more. Now it's getting more visitors per day to that one page than any other entire site I've had running. Great stuff, and of course traffic is growing on the back of that to other pages too, with the 3D Blu Ray and 3D glasses pages attracting particular attention on the back of the general increase in 3D TV interest. Recently the Playstation 3D TV has been announced, and the page on that went straight in at Google number 1. The trick of course will be in keeping it there.

3DTVGuide.org is currently running at around 90 pages. Now I need to work on adding the extra pages that were always intended at the start and increase the content on the existing pages, and with the subject of 3D TV exploding there's plenty more interesting stuff that can go on too.

There's much more to come. I just need to find the hours :-)

If you've read this far and you'd like to talk to me - about anything, website or 3D technology related or not - then feel free to drop me a line at steve.beth (at) btinternet.com or [email protected] I'm especially interested in website partnership ideas. Two is often better than one in website development.
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