Loewe, the German TV manufacturer, is following up its intent to put strong focus on 3D TV and internet connected TVs throughout 2011, with a stylish 3D TV range consisting of 40, 46, and 55 inch models to be followed by a range of 3D compatible Blu Ray Players.

Loewe ultra thin 3D TVs are designed using Full HD technology along with LED backlit displays and a 400Hz picture quality, and are known as the Compose range. The design renders the sets capable of showing high quality 3D content with good brightness levels, either from true 3D sources or via the 2D to 3D conversion facility. Active shutter 3D glasses are needed though Loewe are already reportedly working on no glasses 3D TV technology.

Design is a strong part of the Loewe brand. The new Compose 3D TVs feature  unique design flexibility, with a choice of design available in different colours including High Gloss White, Aluminium Black or Aluminium Silver, and the option of fitting a variety of different coloured insets and using different mounting options.

One particular highlight of Loewe's range is in the integrated hard disk recorder. This allows recording and play back of 3D content.

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