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In this article we'll be looking at the ever growing number of 3D TV channels on the airwaves. For those of us who already have 3D TVs or 3D Blu Ray players in our homes this increase is great news. More 3D content, more choice, and more downward pressure on prices as competition grows. It's getting to be increasingly obvious each day that the sentiments expressed by the 3D TV manufacturers - that 3D really is going to be a huge part of the future of home entertainment - were right all along. Once the issue of wearing 3D glasses is resolved, maybe with the advent of no glasses 3D TV models, the last obstacle to mass acceptance of 3D TV will have been removed.

The new wave of 3D TV channels are taking it seriously, with a number of them vying for business with a range of services including 3D VOD video on demand movie streaming, major sporting event broadcasts, and the relay of fascinating natural world programs.

And this is a global revolution. Although the first channel to broadcast 3D content was a Japanese network in 2008 with a four times a day schedule, the US now leads the way with the greatest number of live 3D TV channels including well known names such as ESPN 3D, DirecTV, and the newest kid on the block - the 24 hour 3net 3D channel partnership between Discovery, IMAX, and Sony. In the UK there's Sky 3D and Virgin. Throughout Europe there are a dozen or so more. Along with the 3D TV networks that these channels run on, they're well on the way to bringing 3D content to a vast global audience. You can see a full list of networks and channels running 3D programming just above this article.

As the availability of 3D content grows even further, through more 3D movies, Blu Ray disc, and 3D DVD releases, it's going to become increasingly apparent to anyone that's been sitting on the fence that the time to buy a 3D TV is near. Each 3D TV channel that goes live, each innovation in 3D TV technology, each new announcement from the manufacturers on new 3D TV models to be released, and of course each drop in prices caused by competition is only going to serve to reinforce the success of the 3D TV revolution.

Here's some background detail on the 3D TV channels operating today. The list is not exhaustive, I'm researching and will be adding more in the near future:

The 3net 3D TV Channel

In 2010, Sony Corp. brokered a deal the Discovery Channel and IMAX to plan the launch of a new 24 hour 3D TV channel in 2011. The plans were ambitious, with 3D content expected to include space, exploration, adventure and natural history programming. The 3net partnership also has stated that content will not exclusively come from Sony, IMAX, or Discovery. Third-party 3D providers will also be able to participate.

On Feb 13th 2011 the new channel went live, with the first three 3D programs including the 3D TV premiere of Into The Deep along with the 3D premieres of China Revealed and Forgotten Planet.


The ESPN 3D channel was originally announced by ESPN on January 5th 2010 just one day before the major 3D TV manufacturers announced their first ever lines of  3D TVs. ESPN actually began broadcasting on June 11, 2010 with its first 3D content broadcast being the first FIFA World Cup match between South Africa and Mexico.  Viewers opinions on the quality were mixed, with some experiencing eye strain due to the quick movements. Overall though the quality was good.

DirecTV Cinema

The DirecTV Cinema channel sits on the DirecTV network, and provides an opportunity to get immersed in the latest Hollywood blockbusters, documentaries and more - all in stunning 3D Video On Demand - with many titles available instantly.

Fashion TV
Announced the plan to air one hour of 3D content per day on its 24 hour HD channel. The channel combines IPTV and VOD services, with the 3D content getting its broadcast at 11pm daily.

Fashion TV's plan is to initially aim for 40 hours of 3D content per year for its combined 3D VOD and HD channel services, with future potential for a fully fledged 3D channel.

The n3D is a dedicated HD 3D channel powered by Panasonic, and broadcast on the DirecTV network. The channel aims to deliver high quality 3D content covering  sports, music, nature, arts, and more.

Xfinity 3D

Xfinity 3D is a 24 hour 3D TV channel launched by the major Comcast network on Feb 20, 2011. Featured 3D content includes movies, sports, music, and natural world programmes.


One of the first ever 3D TV networks, BSkyB launched the 3D TV channel Sky 3D to their European Customers in March 2010. The channel focussed first on sports programming with the broadcast of the first live 3D football match. This was shown in pubs in a number of major UK cities. The new channel quickly moved on to airing a mixture of high quality 3D content, including 3D movies, arts, sports, music, and entertainment.

Canal+ 3D was the first 3D TV channel to be launched in France, broadcasting movies, live sports and music events, and animation films.

Spanish channel 3D Pictures was set to launch its own 3D TV channel by the end of 2010, to be available to Customers over IPTV, satellite, or cable. 3D content to include the standard mixture of documentaries, movies, and live entertainment events. 
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An Introduction to 3D Channels

3D televisions have been the latest innovation touted by the industry as a revolution for viewers, we will have to wait a little longer for legitimate Smell-O-Vision. Until then eye popping visuals will need to suffice. The amount of 3D content on the market is exploding currently and many content producers and media providers are looking at ways to provide it to their customer and viewership base. Few people are complaining about the new viewing options which are popping up onto the channel guide. Who does not like an enriched experience that makes it feel like objects are whizzing right by their head or immerses the watcher into the intensity of an explosion by placing them inside it?

Currently, there are some excellent movies and channels that are available for those viewers with the right collection of equipment. Getting the entire proper 3D setup at home requires a few components to make it function properly. Of course, first you need to acquire a 3D television, there are a number of makers and features to select from for your home theater.

While we are not going to elaborate much on that in this article, you should definitely do your research before making the investment and go out to equipment dealers to check them out first. Find one that looks good to your eyes, meets your needs and falls within your budget. However, it should be noted that 3D television sets are still quite pricey when compared to the standard 2D ones. The next component that is required will be a 3D receiver, these will be available from the media providers in your region. Many offer units that can handle 3D content. DirecTV has a receiver with a DVR built in, so you do not miss a second. You will also need to order 3D service from your provider, in the case of satellite service provider DirecTV this means ordering the package that tubes those channels into your TV. Right now they are offering 24 months of this service free to new subscribers. What a deal!

Once all that is taken care of and properly connected inside your home, you can begin to watch. So, what's on TV? There are lots of options if you have 3D service provided through DirecTV. Special deals for first time subscriptions are available using
www.SaveonTVDirect.com . If you like movies then DirecTV Cinema is airing on channels 104 and 105 with excellent Hollywood releases in 3D, get closer than ever before to the blockbusters that get your heart racing. This includes other wonderful content such as documentaries as well.

If you are looking for shows the entire family can enjoy, then get ready for 3NET. This channel is a 24/7 source for beautiful 3D programming from the likes of Discovery, Sony and IMAX . On channel 103, known as n3D, you can tune in for sports, nature, artistic ventures and other types of programming that is being providers by the major production studios and broadcast television outlets. For the sports nuts out there, check out ESPN 3D on channel 106 for constant 3D sports programming that'll make you feel like you are at the game for real.