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3D TVs are all about immersion. They're all about losing yourself in a virtual world where you become part of the action in away that 2 dimensional TV cannot deliver. The ultimate way to achieve this outside of a cinema is to create your own 3D home theater environment.

If you're keen to get the chance to watch 3D content at home then considering purchasing a 3D home theater will be a good idea to help you get the most from the experience. Choosing a home theater setup gives you the option of mixing and matching different parts of the solution - from the visual elements such as 3D projectors, screens, 3D TVs, and 3D Blu Rays - through to the sound elements such as a high quality surround speakers.  

Let's assume you've already chosen the best 3D TV to meet your needs.  You've studied reviews and pricing and have a good idea which models are giving the best results. Unless you're starting with a 3D TV starter kit you're going to need to know what your additional choices are, both from a visual and audio perspective. You could class choosing a 3D home theater as just looking at the options in ultra big screen 3D TVs, but really it means looking at the types of 3D TVs,  Blu Ray players, and the different ranges of speakers and amplifiers. The decision on whether to use a 3D projector rather than a TV also comes into the mix, as  does your choice of content delivery and accessories such as games consoles.

If you are starting out with a 3D starter kit, you'll possibly already have the Blu Ray.But there are all in one 3D home theater kits available, and buying one of these is likely to be the simplest and cheapest option.The great advantage to all in one 3D home theater cinema is that you'll get all the cables and other parts you need without having to work out what you need and then go find it.

Imagine this

A 180 inch curved screen covers half of a wall in your home, allowing you to watch 3D movies in the aspect ratio that they were filmed in. Your 3D Blu Ray sits in a centre console, next to a library of 150 Blu Ray titles, a number of which are shot in native 3D. You have access to 3D TV channels for watching streamed content, and subscribe to a 3D video on demand service on top of that.

Your high end projector sits just above and behind your $2000 reclining chairs, with leather sofas either side to accommodate family and friends. 16 speakers and sub woofers are housed behind acoustic panels in the walls, while those walls and the ceiling are packed with sound proofing materials.

For gaming, the setup includes a separate Playstation 3D TV, with Playstation PS3 and other consoles ready for action when needed.

In other words, a cinema at home - complete with games entertainment thrown in. Now that's a 3D home theater.
About.com's webpages on home theatres contain a specific dedicated section on 3D home theatres.