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3D TV Australia
Australia 3D TV News & Developments

Feb 2011 - 3D TV has not yet taken the imagination of the Australian market by storm, with a reported number of only 40,000 3D TVs sold by the end of September 2010.

May 19 2010 -
Australia 3D TV trial gets under way

The trial 3D TV service broadcasting demo 3D content - run by a partnership of Broadcast Australia, SBS, and Nine Network - started it's 2 months run this morning. The Sydney trial will gradually expand to cover seven different cities to prepare for the 3D airing of the State Of Origin and Soccer World Cup broadcasts due to commence on 26 May and 11 June.

May 03 -
Next Underbelly series to be filmed in 3D

Nine Network Australia has a plan to shoot the next run of the highly popular 'Underbelly' series in 3D.

April 29 -
Samsung 3D TV models in stores

Samsung have become the first  HD 3D TV manufacturer to release models in Australia with their  LED and Plasma Series . The LED version is reported to be available in stores from 19 April 2010, with the plasma set following in May.

With the 3D TVs come an option of three different models of 3D glasses, one powered by battery and two versions of rechargeable glasses. The TVs include two 3D glasses with every purchase, with extra sets of two costing around  $129. For a limited time purchases also include a free Monsters vs Aliens 3D DVD.

Prices for the 3D TVs in Australian stores range from $2,499 up to $4,799, with a 3D Blu-ray player retailing at around $599.

April 29 - ....and it's the turn of Panasonic

Panasonic plans to start shipping their new plasma 3D TV models to retailers in June, along with a 3D Blu Ray player model and the relevant shutter glasses.

April 28 - Channel Nine Australia has announced plans to air
3D broadcasts of the 'State Of Origin' rugby series (starting May 26) into homes and theatres in the Sydney area, and possibly at selected stores of the Origin series sponsor Harvey Norman..

The Rugby League games will be the first sports to be filmed in Australia in 3D 
with all three Origin matches planned to be aired as part of the trial 3D broadcasts. The broadcast will beat the ESPN showing of the first World Cup soccer matches by days, becoming the first sports event to be broadcast live in 3D on free network TV.

New 3D TV Guide
PC World Australia have published an online 3D TV guide that explains what you need to know about 3D TV in an easy to read format.
3D TV In Australia

It's fair to say that since trials of 3D TV were held in seven locations around Australia in early 2010, consumers have yet to embrace the technology fully. As of September 2010, it had been reported that only 40,000 3D TV sets had been purchased by Australian buyers, even taking into account that the 3D TV trials in Australia were the first 'free to air' in the world..

The trials that took place were designed to test the frame compatible method of 3D TV transmission, including testing from creation of 3D content (in this case live sporting events) right through to the transmission of the content over existing network infrastructure and how that content was ultimately received and viewed using 3D TVs and 3D glasses. These early trials were supplemented by more that took place between mid September and early October 2010 which were broadcast on the Nine Network in Sydney, Newcastle, and Brisbane, and by the Seven Network in Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne.

Although the early results of 3D TV sales in Australia were not encouraging, all of the major 3D TV manufacturers have released sets onto the market. The ranges include different display types such as plasma 3D TV sets and LCD 3D TV models, and as seen in the rest of the world, price drops are beginning to encourage those of us wanting to buy a 3D TV that now is a good time. The Austalia 3D TV market is ripe for an explosion of interest, and it's likely that the drops being seen in 3D Blu Ray prices plus the arrival of new internet connected TVs will act to increase interest further.