Introduction to 3D VOD Video ON Demand

VOD, or video on demand, is just one of the breakthrough developments we've seen in the entertainment industry over the last few years. With the increasing popularity of 3D TV in general, and with 3D TVs and associated content devices such as 3D Blu Ray players making their way into our homes in ever increasing numbers, it''ll be no surprise to find that a number of 3D TV networks and the 3D TV channels that they carry that are now providing 3D VOD video on demand services.

The success of VOD is apparent in recent results from Virgin Media which suggest that in 2010 over 900 million programmes were watched. To access these 3D VOD video on demand services you'll either need a 3D TV and some form of streaming device such as one of the set top boxes, a DVR, or some type of suitably powerful PC or laptop. Of course with these last named they'll need to be coupled with a special 3D display, either built in or added as a 3D monitor.

3D VOD video on demand is one of the ways of solving the lack of content issue that's plagued the take up rate of 3D TV so far. Most of the major channels or networks throughout the world are now providing this service in some form, and we can expect to see many more join the action over the next few years as 3D TV takes a strong foothold in the entertainment market. Such 3D TV manufacturers as Sony and Panasonic are betting big on 3D entertainment, and with new 3D movies getting announced on a regular basis, it's likely we'll see continuing growth in the 3D VOD arena.

On this page we'll be listing the channels and networks that provide these 3D VOD video on demand services. The list is a little bit light at present, but I'm currently researching and will be adding more detail shortly.


Technology provider Sensio , responsible for the 3D broadcasts of last years World Cup into cinemas, is looking to offer an extensive library of streaming 3D video on demand titles using RoxioNow. 3D content on offer is expected to include films and documenaries. One of the features of Sensio's 3D VOD service is a switching facility that allows the content to be watched in either 2D or 3D, irrespective of whether the viewer has purchased through the 3D VOD service, or has recorded content from a 3D channel onto a PVR. 

Time Warner

Time Warner cable has been showing three well known 3D titles - Despicable Me, Alpha and Omega, and Shrek Forever After - on it's 3D VOD platform in the HD Movies On Demand channel.


Numericable, the French cable broadband operator uses a Cisco powered 3D video on demand content system to deliver its services, giving around 3.5 million Customers a good reason to buy a 3D TV.


Wealth TV is a 3D VOD content provider that uses the Roku set top streaming device to deliver a range of titles devoted to cars, high end travel, expensive homes, and other high lifestyle subjects. In February 2011, the channel starts ramping up delivery of the 3D content which first started in July 2010., with plans to expand the library over coming months. Interestingly the 3D TV channel is available at the low price of $2.99 per month.

Virgin Media

Virgin run a 3D movies on demand service which is available to all Customers with a set top box, 3D TV, and glasses. 3D movies shown include Streetdance 3D, Garfield's Pet Force, A Christmas Carol 3D, Step UP 3D, Toy Story, and Despicable Me.

Orange TV

After creating a dedicated 3D TV channel in mid 2010, Orange introduced a 3D VOD service in December of the same year. The service is available to Orange broadband customers with a 3D High Definition TV and glasses.

Samsung 3D VOD

The Samsung service launched in Korea at the end of March 2011 with a library of mainly Dreamworks animated movie titles. The service is expected to expand through to the US and Europe during the year, with an expected 50 titles being available by the end of the year including movies, trailers, childrens shows, and music videos.

The content is free, and will be available to anyone owning a suitable internet connected 3D TV set which will allow streaming using the Samsung TV App Explore 3D which can be downloaded from Samsung.

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News & Developments

May 16th 2011 - Samsung are making their own moves to increase the available 3D content in an attempt to encourage further growth in the market. The Japanese manufacturer has launched a free 3D TV video on demand service for UK viewers, starting off with a range of around 20 free programmes including  music and childrens videos, trailers and documentaries.

Mar 30 2011 - Telekom Austria has started offering subscribers of its IPTV platform - known as aonTV - a 3D video on demand service showing 3D movies.

Mar 28 2011 - The Samsung 3D VOD service has launched initially in Korea with a library consisting mainly of Dreamworks titles.

Mar 15 2011 - Orange is offering three new Dreamworks 3D animated movies on its 3D Video on Demand service: Shrek Forever After, How to Train Your Dragon and The Last Airbender.

Feb 16 2011 - Samsung have announced plans to launch a 3D VOD video on demand service. Promising to start in March 2011, the new service is intended to offer up to 50 titles in full HD 3D.

Feb 15 2011 - UPC Polska have announced intentions to make 3D VOD services available to subscribers within the next few months.

Feb 15 2011 -  The French 3D TV channel operator SFR, who began broadcasting 3D content in the form of football matches and music concerts last year, is starting to offer 3D video on demand content with a small startup library.

Canal + 3D are now offering one football match and a movie each month to Neufbox Fibre subscribers.