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Where is 3D TV Development Right Now?
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How Does It Work?
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What Does The Future Hold?
What's the next step for 3D imaging in our homes? Breakthrough developments in  holographic TV.

Where can I get more info on 3D sets, Blu-Rays, glasses etc
One of the best ways to get good information on any subject is by participating in forum discussions. Here you'll find a good choice of interesting 3D TV forum threads. Alternatively our page on 3D TV sites lists some high quality websites for more info.

The Cost Effective, Simple Way To Get 3D entertainment
Read about 3D Starter Kit bundles. Get the TV, glasses, movies, and connectors all in one go.

Who Makes The 3D TVs?
The latest developments and models from the leading 3D TV manufacturers

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3D TV In The US

3D TV has exploded onto the home entertainment scene, and 3D TV US sales research indicates that 3D TVs will be found in around 9 million homes throughout the US by 2015. As you'd expect, the US 3D TV market is expected to be the leader in the take up of 3D TV into our homes.

Prices of sets are dropping, prices of 3D Blu Ray players are dropping, 3D content is on the increase with the broadcast of new 3D TV channels and 3D movies, and the problems that 3D glasses present are on the way to being overcome with new, cheaper and lighter glasses being introduced and 3D TV without glasses models possibly with us by the end of the year.

2015 is some way off, but even in 2011 the market is expected by all the major 3D TV manufacturers to be a big one, and with worldwide sales of 20 million by that same 2015 date expected it's easy to see the potential of 3D TV to take its place as the leading technology in home entertainment.

Here I'll examine the latest 3D TV US news as it becomes available, take a look at the best 3D TV models available, and focus on where to buy a 3D TV online plus where to get the best and most useful US 3D TV reviews. With that in mind, below you'll find a list of the US based online electrical retailers and online stores which currently sell 3D TVs to US Customers, and where applicable I'll include quick links to the pages on those sites which contain the most valuable 3D TV reviews.

As prices of 3D TVs can fluctuate regularly, I'm not going to try and list prices of 3D TVs in the US here. If you're using this guide to make a decision to buy a 3D TV in the US, then please check with any supplier mentioned on their pricing, terms, or offers before you make that buying decision.
US 3D TV News & Developments

The complete  3D package - Samsung to release first 3D home cinema

Samsungs HT-C630W Home Cinema will be released in the US later this year. The package includes the 3D TV, 3D Blu Ray, content, and glasses - with extras such as a 1330 Watt surround sound system and built in wireless networking capability.

Discovery, Sony and Imax 3D channel joint venture
May 03 - a joint venture is on the cards between Sony, IMAX, and Discovery to air the first full time 3D TV channel in the US. Science and nature shows from the Discovery and IMAX archives will be on the menu, but there are also plans to launch 3D game content plus show 3D movies and music videos. The channel could be up and running by the end of 2010.

April 30 - New Samsung 3D LED TV on sale at Amazon
Amazon are offering the Samsung C9000 Series 3D LED TV at $5,399.99. Not cheap, but it's one of the first 3D LED TVs and comes in 46 inch screen size. 

April 29 -
Samsung 3D TV prices
Samsung, the Japanese manufacturer, currently has models on offer in the US 3D TV market at $3642 for their 46 inch HD LED LCD 3D TV and $5182 for the 55 inch version. Both prices do not include the cost of 3D glasses. The standard non 3D Samsung 46 inch LCD TV retails for around $1340.

April 29 -
Avatar 3D aired on TV
It's been reported that a  TV channel in the US has signed an agreement to be the first channel to broadcast the 3D version of Avatar on TV in 2012.