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How Does It Work?
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What You Need To Watch 3D TV.
An introduction to the TV sets, Blu Ray players, and glasses.

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What Does The Future Hold?
What's the next step for 3D imaging in our homes? Breakthrough developments in  holographic TV.

Where can I get more info on 3D sets, Blu-Rays, glasses etc
One of the best ways to get good information on any subject is by participating in forum discussions. Here you'll find a good choice of interesting 3D TV forum threads. Alternatively our page on 3D TV sites lists some high quality websites for more info.

The Cost Effective, Simple Way To Get 3D entertainment
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Who Makes The 3D TVs?
The latest developments and models from the leading 3D TV manufacturers

3D TV Online Shopping UK - Where To Buy a 3D TV In The UK- 3D TV Reviews

3D TV In The UK

UK TV fans have been among the most welcoming of 3D entertainment since 3D TVs hit the UK stores in the early spring of 2010, and those 3D TV UK stores have seen one of the largest collections of different models. Well known stores John Lewis, Currys, and Comet were the first to show the new 3D TV sets, with Samsung and Panasonic the first of the manufacturers. Sales results indicate that around 120,000 3D TVs were sold in the UK in 2010, with the potential to grow to half a million in 2011 

Interest in 3D TV was kicked off in the UK partly thanks to the broadcast of live football matches across pubs in major cities, and that interest has been built on since by the release of Bskyb's 3D TV channel - Sky 3D - which went live in October 2010. Availability of 3D content was further increased with the launch of  the Virgin Media 3D VOD video on demand service in September 2010.

As in other markets across the world, UK 3D TV prices have been reducing steadily over recent months, and even with the need to buy 3D glasses and a 3D Blu Ray for extra content you'll find that what was in the early days an expensive luxury is now becoming within reach.

It's easy to tell where the best places to see and buy 3D TVs are in the UK, with such popular home stores as John Lewis and electrical retailers Currys, Dixons, and Comet all stocking ranges. You can read 3D TV reviews and buy online at any of these as well as in the bricks and mortar stores in UK High Streets, and of course Amazon UK is also a great place for reviews and good prices.

3D TV News & Developments

April 2011 - April has seen a flood of news articles suggesting that the 2012 Olympics could be the catalyst for a major take up of 3D TV in the UK. Certainly that's a big possibility, though i remains to be seen what plans Sky and other UK 3D TV channels have to actually film the content in 3D.

Nov 2010 - The first cinema size 3D TV - a Philips model retailing at around 4000 pounds - was released in the UK in November 2010. The 21:9 Platinum range comes with a 58 inch display.

The complete  3D package - Samsung to release first 3D home cinema

Samsungs HT-C630W Home Cinema will be released in the UK later this year. The package includes the 3D TV, 3D Blu Ray, content, and glasses - with extras such as a 1330 Watt surround sound system and built in wireless networking capability.

Samsung launch 3D Blu Ray in the UK
Samsung have made their BD-C6900 Blu Ray available to UK buyers, carrying a price tag of around £300 if purchased online.

Sony HX series 3D TVs on sale in UK in June
Sony's HX803 models - 40 inch and 46 inch - will be available in UK stores in June. The Sony sets are likely to promise technically advanced 3D TVs, delivering cinema grade quality. The package will include two pairs of active shutter glasses and a couple of free 3D DVDs, reportedly 'Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs and the documentary 'Deep Sea'. Sony will also launch a range of 3D Blu Ray Players.

UK 3D televisions on sale at new Best Buy megastore.

Today, 30th April, saw the opening of the American owned Best Buy superstore in Thurrock, Essex. 3D TVs are among the equipment on offer, with plans for 200 more stores to be opened countrywide. Best Buy is reported to be stating they'll match the cheapest prices of any rival stores within 15 miles. plus an extra discount. Sounds like a great value way to get your hands on your first 3D TV.

Win tickets to Street Dance 3D premiere
Get your entries in to the Independent's 'win tickets to Street Dance 3D' competition'. Closing date for entries May 7.

Sony targetting World Cup related 3DTV sales
Sony have announced a series of trade in promotions aimed to get UK buyers into the market for UK 3D TVs. With the World Cup matches due to be filmed in 3D, Sony are offering the chance to get money off 3D TV purchases by trading in old equipment such as TVs or cameras. Shoppers can make a saving of up to £150 off a brand new Bravia 3D TV.

UK 3D TV fans will be able to take advantage of the offers at a range of stores, including the UK favourites Comet, Curry’s, Tesco, and John Lewis.

The Sun to publish in 3D
To mark the huge interest in 3D TV and 3D movies in the UK, popular British newspaper The Sun will publish a one off commematorial edition on June 5, specifically to mark the kick off of The World Cup. The lead up to June 5 should see a series of TV ads aiming to increase interest and, of course, sales on the day.

First 3D TV price war?

Only a few days after John Lewis started selling the sets, Comet have offered the Samsung set for £1656 by reducing the retail price by £144 from £1799.99. Great news, though the John Lewis offer does include a 4 year guarantee, which at the current equipment prices might be well worth taking.

First 3D TV on sale in the UK

Samsung, the major TV manufacturer, gave TV fans the chance to buy its 40 inch 3D TV at some branches of  John Lewis, Currys and Comet stores. Carrying a price tag of £1,799, Samsung have stolen a march on Panasonic, Sony, and LG who all have advanced plans for their own releases.
The planned 3D channel from Sky is likely to be the first streamed source of 3D content, but there are already a number of 3D DVDs available. Of course these can only be watched in 3D if you add a 3D Blu Ray player to the set up.

PS3 Upgrade to enable 3D gaming
PS3 maker sony have announced plans for a firmware update for their consoles which will reportedly give gamers the much anticipated option to play 3D games.
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