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Gaming 3D TV

You may be surprised to learn that your home games console is potentially ready to take advantage of the 3D TV revolution because with software updates, specific games and the right display you can enjoy a stereoscopic, immersive experience the likes of which has not been seen before.

But as we know, not all 3D TVs are created equal and some are better for gaming than others, so it is definitely worth taking your time and learning about the best gaming-oriented displays on the market before you take the plunge and buy one. Let's take a look at some of the most popular gaming 3D TV models on the market:

Sony's Playstation 3D TV

Actually this is a misnomer. Sony's Playstation gaming 3D TV is a monitor, it doesn't have a TV tuner built in. But it does have a trick up its sleeve apart from its capability to deliver a great 3D gaming experience. More on that in a minute.

Pretty much anyone who's a Playstation fan will by now have heard of the Playstation 3D display which launched on to the US market first in November 2011. Sony's plan was an obvious one signalling their intent to latch on to the growing interest in 3D TV and 3D gaming. They priced their new gaming 3D TV cleverly to do just that.

As I said, Sony's display doesn't have an inbuilt TV tuner, so to watch 3D TV programming from a network or channel you'd need to connect up to a streaming TV box of some type. But you can play either 2D or 3D games on it using any type of games console as long as there is an HDMI connection available, plus you can connect up to a 3D Blu Ray player to watch 3D movies, documentaries, or sports.

Picture quality is good, just as you'd expect, and gaming fans are raving about the quality of 3D gaming images. The 24 inch display is a little on the small side, but is perfect for anyone wanting a second 3D screen to their standard living room model, or for anyone that uses a small room like a bedroom or dorm.

But actually it does have something else extra special for gaming fans - a special feature known as Simulview. This gives two players the ability to play games side by side, each with their own view of that same game. That means no more split screen gaming as we know it.

For a few hundred dollars more you can get a good quality larger screen fully fledged gaming 3D TV. But then of course you won’t get the dual gaming feature.

Let's take a look at some of the bigger fully fledged 3D TVs available........

LG 42LW550T
In terms of value for money this LG 3D TV is perhaps the best of the bunch. This is because it uses passive technology to achieve its depth effects and as such comes with seven pairs of glasses so you and all your mates can enjoy the 3D gaming action without having to invest in those expensive active shutter specs that are required for other models. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this LED backlit display is that the image quality is also top notch despite it distinctly budget-oriented approach.

Panasonic TX-P32GT30B
Gamers really need to consider the 3D capabilities of a potential TV because image cross-talk which might be acceptable for films can become a real issue when you actually have to interact with what is occurring in front of your eyes. Still within the realms of affordability, this 42 inch set from Panasonic performs admirably in this arena, rarely encountering issues with ghosting or image mixing so you can stay on the same level as the competition. Viera Connect, Panasonic`s web-based service, allows you to stream videos and indulge in social networking as well, so it is a good all-rounder as well as being a powerful gaming choice.

Samsung UE46D7000
At almost twice the price of the LG option this 46 inch Samsung beast is a bit taxing on the wallet but as a showpiece for what 3D can really do it is worth the investment. Active shutter technology makes the 3D feel smooth and deep while its LED backlighting and slender design make it look just as cutting edge as you would expect for your money. 3D conversion means that even 2D titles can be given added depth.

Philips Cinema 21:9 Platinum

If money is no object then this 3D TV from Philips should win your vote. Its incredible aspect ratio means that you can view Blu Ray movies on your PlayStation 3 in their native form and with all that extra space to fill the games will be able to feel deep and more involving than ever. Its price and unusual shape and size mean that it is far from perfect for all buyers, but as a pipe dream turned into a reality it is worthy of note.

If you splash out on any of these gaming-friendly 3D TVs then you will need a decent TV wall mount bracket if you want to position it optimally for your enjoyment of the experience. Be aware that the larger screens will weight considerably more and could require further consideration when mounting on a wall rather than standing free.
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The video above gives a useful look at the differences you'll experience when playing 3D games on either active or passive 3D TV models. These are the two main types of 3D TVs that are available right now, and will be until 3D TV without glasses models arrive over the next couple of years.

The video examines LG's passive 3D LED TV and Samsung's active 3D LED TV. Note that both TVs have their settings set to maximum brightness.