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The Best Of Both Worlds: Smart 3D TVs

In the last several years, television technology has jumped by leaps and bounds. Watching television was formerly an inactive pastime. Critics of mass media regarded it as a "vast wasteland.” Meanwhile, comics labeled it as “the boob tube" or "idiot box.” The phrase "sit home and watch TV" implied empty, lazy and sloth-like behavior, but the truth is that watching TV has become a multi-faceted, enjoyable, and sometimes enlightening way to spend leisure time.

Changes and upgrades in technology have uprooted old models of how and why we watch TV. The viewer no longer merely stares at the flickering images, grateful for whatever programming he may be offered. Expanded channel lineups in cable, satellite and digital broadcasting present almost unlimited viewing options for all members of the family. For instance, Direct TV has many different channel packages for subscribers to choose from.

Cinema now often comes to the home screen almost immediately after its theatrical run. Full play gaming and interactive sports make the TV screen both a home gym and mental playground. The DVR and use of TiVo took over the territory once ruled by the late VCR. Appointment television much like Elvis has left the building.

Dell TV deals offer you the newest and most promising choices of televisions as they ride onto the technology frontier. This includes a new pairing of "3D TV" joined with the concept of "Smart TV" to provide an entirely new experience in television home entertainment. 3D TV is already commercially available, but now is becoming more price accessible for the consumer. Smart TV is a fairly new facet of TV viewing and programming, but looks set for explosive growth.

What are 3D TV and Smart TV? And is the combination of these two television technologies the right setup for you?

Smart TV has the digital processing power of Intel, a sophisticated user interface and internet surfing capabilities. Smart TV also has the capacity for such applied applications as broadcast programming, video conferencing and use of social networking sites. Manufacturers are in development with entirely new applications and original broadcasts just for Smart TV viewers as well.

Smart TV will also maintain ties with existing "apps" and social media networks. This means viewers can enjoy their favorite popular internet sites such as YouTube, Hulu, Twitter, Facebook and Skype amongst others. Your television and computer can now become one.

Meanwhile 3D TV has taken the two dimension depth of the traditional television screen and given it three dimensional cinematic quality and richness. 3D TV images are made possible in much the same way as 3D theatrical screens are possible. A single image is amplified into several images creating stereoscopic viewing. This lets the eye watch multiple overlapping images simultaneously, increasing the depth of separate viewing images for each eye.

Movies released in 3D formats can be viewed as they were meant to be seen theatrically on a smaller home screen. Movies and television broadcasts made in 2D format are presented in greater clarity when watched on a 3D TV screen. Gaming characters and sports will jump out at the viewer "as if you were there." Truly your home can now be your home theater.

Manufacturers have started offering Smart TV and 3D TV to offer the ultimate best for the television buyer. These Smart TV/3D televisions are available with models priced at $2,000 and higher. Smaller screen televisions combining the two technologies can also be found in the $1,000 and under price range for the more modest consumer.

Samsung has taken the lead with their 46” Class/LED/3D/HDTV and 55” Class/LED3D/HDTV in the under $2,000 price range. Panasonic and LG join in with their 50” Class/LED/3D/HDTV sets also priced at this level. Consumers looking in the $1,000 and under price range will not be disappointed either. Toshiba and Sony-Bravia can both boast of offering 32”/Class/LED/3D/HDTV models selling retail for $1,000 or less.

Are you ready for Smart TV and 3D technology in your living room at any price? Think about the following before you make your purchase. Some 3D models (Samsung) include 3D viewing glasses to make the “third-dimension” complete. Many people consider wearing these glasses as cumbersome for home viewing as they are for a film shown in a theatrical venue. This can be seen as a disadvantage.

What Does Smart 3D TV Get You?

An advantage of Smart TV is the ability to virtually control your television from your “Smart Phone” or home computer. Sharing content from your small screen phone to your big screen TV is well worth the cost for some. This makes interactive applications and games an activity for the entire family. Smart TV lets multiple viewers in a larger space participate in internet content like video music, news and gaming. The viewer can also multi-task, allowing one to browse the internet while viewing onscreen broadcast content.

A major disadvantage of joining the two technologies in one television is the cost. Although costs are coming down gradually, this does present a higher price point than similar models with same screen size and general television technologies. What will you pay to update your Twitter account or your Facebook page on your television? Is it important for you to watch piano playing cats on YouTube leap from the Internet onto 3D television?

Silly as it sounds, increasing consumers are saying an enthusiastic “yes” and manufacturers are producing Smart TV models with 3D viewing to meet the demand. Certainly any analysis of what TV to buy from now on should include reading through some Smart TV reviews.

Smart TV and 3D TV have transformed the former experience of “just watch me” television. Television viewing can present an interactive exploration for the mind and visual feast for the eyes. There are some good opportunities to decide for yourself if bundling these technologies in the same product is the right purchase and experience for you.